First Bad Craving

Hi All,

I had my first intense craving last night, which surprises me, given how much I’ve been drinking. I suspect my hangover on Jan 27th was so bad that the memory of it was steadying my resolve. (Nothing like burying the weekend’s 3 empty bottles of scotch in the
trash so your partner doesn’t see them.). Anyway, yesterday after a dreadful work meeting, I walked home and couldn’t stop imagining how great it would be to drink some whiskey, just a small glass, and how much better I’d feel. The imaging was like a really beautiful awful music in my head. I wanted to try to figure out what kept me from doing it, drinking. I think reading the posts here really helped, so my thanks and gratitude for them. I also just didn’t want to reset my timer and I thought I’d feel so guilty and shitty the next day. So I made in through, but I can’t say it was because being sober at the moment felt all that great. Anyway, thanks for listening. I’m on my 18th day!


First and foremost well done for not caving in secondly early recovery isn’t meant to feel to great especially at 3weeks I was on a hourly rollercoaster at 3 weeks tbh not really knowing my ass from my elbow be patient and maybe try to look for an outlet ie a program of growth


18 days is great and so is posting and reading here!! You are doing this!! :heart:

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Great job! Reading posts helps a lot it is true. I also have same experience about fighting cravings by thinking how badly I dont want resetting timer and feeling guilt next day.
So good for you you fought them! And congratz kn 18 days! :tada:

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Thank you! And it is a roller coaster, so I’m really grateful for sleep.

Thank you! And thank you for your posts, they help me so much.

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MortenPL, thank you! (And I love morning coffee and cigarettes too.)

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Good on you Clara. You are so right, these posts are like iron, it’s like body armour. I am loving being on here, so far so good. Well done again.

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