First day to many more

So been smoking fentynal pills for almost 2 years cause someone said they work well for back pain. We trying them turned into almost 2 years. Every time I would try to quit the pain was unbearable. Today I woke up for work at 7am which was the 12 hour mark from last use and let me say how bad I felt. I know I can do this went back to see my pain mgnt dr got on my percocet which I hope helps some what with the pain and withdrawal pains. Wish me luck.


Welcome to the forum Kim.
My addiction to opiods developed from severe back pain. I started out taking a very low dose which was never enough. My pain management doctor increased the dose as my tolerance increased. It got to the point that the pills weren’t helping the pain anymore. Eventually the dr started to wean me off but it was too late, I was hooked. Every month I’d get my script and say “this time I’m going to take them as prescribed” and there I was running out too soon and buying them on the street. I was lying to myself for months thinking I didn’t have a problem. I finally had to admit that I needed help stopping. I went to an outpatient detox followed by an intensive outpatient program. I’ve had to find other ways to ease the pain.

Please be careful. I’ve seen too many friends get to the level of taking fentanyl that never recovered. Many of them tried doing what you’re doing and wound up right back to fentanyl and then heroin. Can you try other things to relieve your pain? There’s going to come a point that the opiods are not going to relieve your pain and actually make it worse. In time, the pain receptors in the brain just stop reacting to opiods.