First in person meeting. ✔

My first in Person meeting went great. My heart was pounding before I walked in, but was so relieved as soon as I sat down. They were welcoming and the fact that I overcame my fear, and know that’s where I need to be helped. It was refreshing really because I am making steps in the right direction. I learned of a new meeting that meets everyday and I’m starting that tomorrow. 90 meetings in 90 days. Letsssss go. I can’t say for sure that will happen. But I’m going to try my hardest. I need a sponsor and stepwork. The Lord has really blessed me with a spiritual awakening, and that’s the main reason I am so ready, honest and willing. I hope this helps someone else overcome any fears of going if you’ve been battling that yourself! Just keep moving. Being paralyzed by fear only keeps you one way… Stuck. So let’s gooooo!!! :muscle::clap:


Way to go! That in person connection and empathy is touching isn’t it?


Thank youuuu! It was so touching! I need it for sure!


Also I love your mindset. Stay on offense. You will be shown a life you will never trade back.


That is amazing girl. :star_struck::partying_face: I love reading this. So happy for ya. It sounds like you really want this. This makes me think of my favorite verse.
I’ll let you look it up.
Isaiah 40: 28-31
The part where “He is giving you strength.”
And I picture you soaring on wings like eagles.
God Bless.

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Yay :heart:

As I mentioned on the check in thread you could try a zoom meeting if you can’t get to a physical one.

Im trying to make my mind up as to which one is more personal, bear with me lol

I’m not sure if people are sharing more because they are home on their own or something. Not sure, just a random thought.

Sometimes I nearly feel obligated to share something (I know I’m not) as of course that’s the way I’m thinking.

So glad you got to one and you felt comfortable :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well done.
Remember progress not perfection!

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Thank you. I’ve always been good at defense, lol so I can definitely try offense this time!

AA is almost never what people expect, and is almost always better than they expect.


Thank youuuu! I am soaking in all this support also! It feels great. I know I couldn’t have gone this far without his strength. So I will look up this verse right now! God Bless you!

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Thank you. I’d love to hear which one is more personal. I haven’t done a zoom one yet, but would love to try if something comes up or I just can’t make it to these. Or also just in a time of need for an extra one.

Thank you! Yes progress not perfection. :muscle:

This is exactly what I have realized!! Thank you!

You go girl!! Do not let fear stop you!! The good Lord is helping through!!!:pray::blush:

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Amen!:pray: yessss he is. I couldn’t do it alone. He has definitely opened the eyes to my heart. I loved meeting number 2. It was more than amazing. I cannot wait to go back tomorrow! He is definitely guiding my steps and putting people in my life that I need. I’m forever grateful!!

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