First therapy assessment

So i had my first mental health therapy assessment this morning…spoke to the lady for an hour and a half went right back to my childhood and although it was only a nutshell of my past and present… the conclusion we have both come to is that alot of my issues are very much to do with a severe lack of self esteem on my behalf infact when i was talking about it it became blindingly obvious to us both…brought on by past abandonment by my dad, my mother putting men first, my failed romantic relationships because i never feel like im enough causing extreme low self esteem…for the first time i feel like with some hard work on my part in the therapy to come i can become a much happier person, sobriety has given me the motivation to do this… im so determined to make this work


Congratulations on starting your therapy journey! It’s amazing what saying some things out loud with some guidance can help us notice. It sounds like you’re dedicated to putting in the work, which is what really makes therapy worthwhile. Love to hear that you’re on the track toward happiness!!

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Thanks so much, this site and the amazing people on it got a mention today because i couldnt have got sober without you all, thank you. Ive thought for years that i had social anxiety but couldnt understand how i feel fine around strangers yet not ok around people i know…its because i lack so much confidence…doesnt matter what strangers think you see…id have never come to that realisation on my own…


I’m so happy for you! Our brains can be so tricky to navigate alone. Well done putting in the work. :clap:t3::clap:t3:

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