First time going sober from cocaine

Hey guys,

This is my first time going sober from cocaine. I’m on day 3, and my emotions are a bit all over the shop today!
I don’t want to google withdrawals and emotions I’ll go through so if anyone can offer any guidance I’d greatly appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:


Trying to stay away from alcohol too as it’s a huge trigger for me.

Very fidgety and jumpy/ happy then mad! Trying to convince myself to go to the gym after work rather than to the pub and pick up

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For cocaine after a binge usually you “crash” then fatigue, anxiety, irritability, sleepiness and sometimes paranoia. I am not too sure about alcohol to be honest but I would try to get to an NA or AA meeting. Maybe try one out on zoom. Get lots of rest, hydrate, eat. Take it easy your body is trying to recover from a long time of abuse/addiction so you are going to be very vulnerable but you are strong for seeking recovery! Hope that helps

Thank you, I really appreciate your kind message!

I’m going to my first meeting on Sunday afternoon.
A lot of my friends are being really supportive too and making sober plans for me and them. Other half is being fantastic too.

I’m very tired, irritable, happy then instantly sad.

Since admitting my problem on Sunday and going sober Monday…. It’s all I’m thinking about because it’s all our in the open and I’m feeling incredibly vulnerable

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I used to get on it alot which is why i decided to quit drinking cus that was a major trigger, im only day 20 something atm and drank alot over summer, got on the white stuff once! Which is a massive difference from last year it was a few times a week, i managed 80 days booze and drug free last year, and felt so good, lost weight loads of energy etc.wish i never has that one pint again, its also who you hang with which makes a dif to, i was lucky enough to get offered a job 70 miles away from my old town and i took it straight away it seems to have worked for gettin off the white stuff now just have to conquer alcohol! Quitting coke is the best thing you will ever do! Financially and mental state i got really short tempered no patients etc it was horrible lookin back! Am 37 now so enoughs enough

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Hi mate,

Maybe try an NA meeting if that’s something that appeals.

You can also look at SMART RECOVERY which is a different approach with lots of online resources.

This app will help if you check in daily.

It’s probably not early if you are in withdrawals but once you are over that initial hurdle it’s good imo to understand your addiction, why its happened and what can be done to change it.

Loads of great books out there and content on YouTube.

Use the journal on this app.

Whatever works for you find it and work with it.

Glad you are here and that you’ve admitted you have a problem. That’s the start of your journey to getting that stuff out for good pal.

God bless :pray:


Thank you for your kind supporting messages!

This is all really helpful. I keep clock watching and waiting for my first NA meeting on Sunday. It couldn’t come sooner!

This evening I really tested my sobriety with a work drinks event, i had 1 beer and wanted to cry because I knew what it would lead to but didn’t want to feel left out so I left and everyone was fine. I’m usually the life and soul of the party and never say no to a good time but it was so built up in my head that I’d be judged for not partying with them…… I wasn’t, not one bit.

But I still hated myself for it because I all I want to do is order in a packet and sesh until the cows come home. I found myself sitting back in the office st my desk trying not to cry.

I have my 1st sober evening with friends at dinner and bowling now but all I want to do is call up in a ball and cry


Early sobriety can be tough. Addiction is playing games with your mind. It wants you back so it will try every trick in the book. One thing that helped me and I know helps us all is knowing we’re in this together. So it makes me very glad to see you here posting and getting support. You’re not alone!
BTW, there’s tons of online NA meetings every day too. So you don’t have to wait till Sunday if you would like to do an online meeting. Here’s a good starting point for example:
Live Meetings - ITR

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Thank you!!

Its great to have a community where we can be so unapologetically honest without any judgement.

I think I’ll give an online meeting a go tomorrow and see how I get on.

What can I expect from my first in meeting IRL and virtual?

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Never been in online meeting myself so maybe someone else can give you some info on that. I know from my first meeting in NA that I was made to feel very welcome. No two meetings are the same so it’s hard to tell you exactly what to expect. I do firmly believe that you will feel welcome. And not pressurized in any way. If you don’t want to talk you don’t have to. If you do you are very welcome to. Just go and see. Even though I quit going after some time, it sure help me a lot early on. And there’s a lot of folks here who keep going and keep finding strength in there, or in one of the many other peer to peer support groups that are around.

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Maybe it’s really early to put yourself in those positions?

I have the same thing about being the life and should of the party. When I slipped my cousin bought me s pint and I thought fuck it one will be ok. Then the next round was rum and cokes and then boom I’m down the rabbit hole.

They had a great time with me “on top form” but then went home about 1am leaving me on my own on it and didn’t stop until the last place was shut. Got home at 8am broken in both spirit and body.

My cousin was up on a photography jolly the next day and the rest doing their stuff they had planned.

Life and soul or the court fucking jester? Either way it’s me that ends up ruined from it and I ain’t doing that for anyone.

God bless :pray: