First Time Posting, Hello Everyone

Welcome Marcio I’m glad you’re here. Besides both being addicts,I also share this with you. I too was an audio engineer. I worked at a televison station owned by NBC for 24 years. The first 7 in the audio booth. I really loved working in the control room but the chief engineer wanted me in Master Control. I loved that too but audio was my thing. The news director was all whiny the pooh with the Chief when I left,which was bad for me,he said I put her up to it. Oof office politics. It’s good you have a therapist and good you recognize you have no control over alchohol and cocaine. I used for 54 years,weed and heroin and opiates in the final decades of my descent into a self created Hell. I tell you this because I feel strongly that if I am conquering my demons,so can you. This Wednesday is 9 months out of that suit of armor. I fuckin love sobriety! This community is awesome for me. No judgement no unwanted advice just love and support. There’s a lot of threads to pull on here,it’s a huge community. I like to express and read gratitude every day on the Daily Gratitude thread. There’s fun stuff too so look around. Keep coming back. Look forward to hearing more from you. All the best.


Welcome and thanks for posting and sharing your experiences!! We never know who or how our story might help someone reading it. :heart:

Hi! thanks for your support, every response i get cheers me up a lot.
I really like being part of the community.
Nice to meet you!

it´s really cool to meet a colleague in here. You are right, it´s very inspiring and motivating to know that you are doing so good in your journey.
I´m at week one and i´ve been doing fine. I returned to my job last monday, i´m working at a recording studio owned by the local goverment. It´s a very interesting place to work since i do many kinds of things, from music production to film post and even some live sound every once in a while. The enviroment is very easy going and there are no drugs around so it´s a good place to be right now. I´m hopeful to be even more productive now that i decided to get better and see where this takes me.
Nice to meet you, looking foward to see how things keep going.


Thanks for your reply, i hope my story can be helpful to someone as other stories were inspiring for me.
Nice to meet you!

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Congratulations on one week Marcio,proud of you. Keep it going ODAAT. Your job sounds like a perfect fit. Added bonus: non drug environment. The Beatles got it right,as they always did. I am he as you are he as you are me
And we are all together. We are all just walking each other home. Great to hear from you. See you around.


@Marcio thank you for posting, i rarely get on anymore but i saw an email and read your post. I remember how encouraging this community was my first few years of sobriety. Im now 5 years 8 months free of alcohol. Keep up the good fight im here for you . And thank you for bringing me back to a connection with folks who understand my journey.