First week off heroin

Today I’m at one week of sobriety from heroin…I can’t believe it…I moved to Cincinnati when I was 10 and started using at 10. I’m now 25 and have never even tried to get clean. I’m now in Houston Texas at a rehab and been here 17 days but they gave me Suboxone starting January 21st to help with the withdrawals. I consider that a drug as well so my official sobriety date is January 31st, and here I am 7 days into no substances at all. Knowing where I was 2.5 weeks ago this is an absolute miracle. Anyone relate?


Suboxone can cause u to get stuck in the wd cycle. Congrats for jumping off substance free. I did the same kind of detox without rehab with one 8mg sub thru ten days… im now 45 days clean. I wasnt addicted nor did i i like subs to count that as a addiction.i never abused them. Keep it up! Feels good when u can wake up on your own and not have to revolve(and waste) my whole day around how im getting high day to day…

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