First week sober in years

My first week sober in years.such a big change in a week.have been to AA meeting every day such great help


That must be a great feeling! I know it felt great when I reached my first week in a long time :grin:
Congratulations!! :tada:

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Keep the meetings up Steven101 doing great buddy wish you well


Well done.
I remember well that feeling of doing one week. I was so proud of myself.
I’m proud of you!

Much strength , if you can do 1 week you can do 2! Im on day 18 thats the most time sober Ive had the last 3 years. Feels amazing!


Well done we will have to keep going

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I’m wrapping up day 8 so I’m right there with you. Well done!

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Congrats!! Sober is better and AA is a good deal.

Congratulations! Great support in AA. I was just deciding which meeting I’m going to tomorrow :slightly_smiling_face:.

Keep it up Rob!

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That’s great and I know the feeling!

I am on day 8 today - @Steven101 , @Rob68, I am literally with you guys!

And feel proud, and relieved and hopeful. And fearful, of course, of being stupid enough at some point for a relapse O_O

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