First week sober since New Years Relaspe

Wow! I can’t believe I hit a week being sober since my relaspe on New Years. Before I was 87 days sober. This week has been just nothing but awesome!!! So much is happening good for me and that test I had on New Years just proves that I can’t have any alcohol in my life. Its taking time for me to get use to not drinking but I see I can do much better in my life without it. Its the coping with my emotions that needs working on but there is no rush. As long as I stay focus and go to my meetings and work on my steps, I should be good to go. If I had to say what I learned from my last relaspe, stay away from temptations and be open to talk to fellow alcoholics who understand what I am going through!


It’s amazing what can happen in one SOBER week!! Its been a month for me and I feel like my life just fast forwarded leaps and bounds! Having a clear mind, a soul at peace, and a body on it’s way to health, as well as being completely surrendered to God…things get done that I’ve been putting off for months!! Guess I’ve had a lot to catch up on!
Anyway congrats and keep up the good work man!


“…a soul at peace,” I like that.