First World Problems in May

Um…I think I used my house sitter’s shower towel. #firstworldproblems

What is your First World Problem today?


I couldn’t go in ASDA after picking up my son from school

He would normally sit in the car and wait (ASDA is next to school and he can’t be seen inside with mum!) I’d forgotten to take his phone and apparently it’s “that” important to get on it after school it couldn’t wait.
(I would normally make him wait but it wasn’t important and I couldn’t be bothered with the drama!)


That I cannot find any damn slim fit chinos that are 100% cotton and do not have any damn stretch materials in them. Also – I cannot find a pair of penny loafers that work for me.


My coffee is slightly cooler than I’d like


I got a phone call because I had forgotten laundry in the shared washer. Because there’s a machine that saves me hours of work every week and I don’t even have to leave the building to use it.

Did I start filling up with negativity because I wanted desperately not to be the person that inconveniences others like that? You bet I did. But this thread brought me back to gratitude, so THANK YOU @EarnIt for that. :sunny:


My new glasses have been on order for over THREE WEEKS and still are not here - thus, I just keep increasing the font size on my Kindle and holding books out three feet in front of me.


We just received our new uniforms at work. Some of the ladies have sent their shoes back because they were too tight/small so they need a bigger size. Meanwhile, I have to go purchase some insoles(yet again :roll_eyes:) because mine happen to be slightly big showing a gap at the back AND I wear the last number SMALL size so I can’t exchange mine for a smaller size since THAT IS the smallest size :neutral_face::expressionless: I’ve had this problem my entire life by the way, sometimes I’m lucky because they have decent looking shoes in the little girl’s section that actually fit me that I can buy :unamused:


My GF and I are both working from home today.

The neighbors across the street had landscapers/tree removal show up at 7 this morning (I’m up by then anyhow, so the time was no big deal), but it is now 1:30 and they are still here…pulling out trees with heavy equipment, and using a large chipper right in front of our house. It’s so loud I can’t think straight!


I walked 20 minutes to the store at lunch today and they didn’t have the lip balm I wanted. I had to get another brand. Then I walked 20 minutes back to work.


Amazon canceled my auto-shop subscription of toilet paper because it’s no longer being offered, so I have to log on and renew it before the toilet paper in the house runs out and I have to actually go to the store and buy some.


I just sent this to some friends right before I found this thread. Oh the hilarity!


“Your PC will restart several times.” That’s going in the UX hall of shame, for sure. Factual, but sucks the morale out of you.

My computer also automatically boots into a Linux operating system, so I have to be around whenever Windows wants to update, and be physically present to direct the boot process back to Windows, to progress through the update. It’s a royal pain.

Ever since they did away with WindowsXP, I switched over to Linux Ubuntu. Never looked back. Linux is:

Faster, Easier, and less problems.

And it’s Free! Don’t even have to get virus protection. :slightly_smiling_face:

Because we’re not having a fire anymore, my bath just relied on the emersion. So it wasn’t deep enough :grinning:

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I walked across our factory and chatted with a couple folks only to stand at the other side of the factory asking myself why i walked all that way again… memory issues.


Had a work confrence today. Lunch was catered…sandwiches, chips, salad, cookies. The soda was room temp, the bread was as hard as the table, the bags of chips expired in April, and 3 people at my table found hair in the cookies…


I wanted Meghan and Harry to have a little girl.

Also, I drank from someone else’s water bottle at work, so that means if it was one of the high school student’s water bottle, my mouth is either diseased or pregnant.


There is sone serious passive aggressive car parking going down in my street. Neighbours over the road have used TWO spaces for their little car so we have had to park butting right up to their driveway.

It’s war people :joy:


Wireless mouse battery is dead. Will have to plug it in… :unamused:


The squirrels and raccoons keep raiding my bird feeders!!!