First xmas and new year sober in 30 years

It’s a miracle , I was in the gym new year’s day . The voice in my head that wants booze was very active some days and had some bad moods to deal with. Went to pubs a few times to be social but without the alcohol I just wanted to leave after an hour or so. Happy New Year all


Same here. Good job, man. I woke up feeling great on New Year’s Day, worked out and took a long walk with my kids in the sun instead if nursing a hangover.
I am very thankful that I got through this holiday season sober.


Hi total newbie here, I’ve also just had my first sober Xmas and new year for 30 years. I’m 10 weeks sober it was challenging and rewarding and the same time. So proud of myself for getting through what I thought was going to be a real struggle.

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Hey @Excelsior, that’s very cool and it’s good to see you drop by. Happy New Year!