Five days clean

I’m five days clean. It feels good. Swam in the ocean for 2 hours too but went numb from how cold it is haha. I’m really proud of myself for being five days clean. Yesterday was really hard for me and had a lot of urges but I didnt give in. I just used an app that helps urges its usually used for self harm but you can use it for drinking or drug urges its called calm harm. But I never thought I could make it five days so high five to me.


Well done Daniel keep it up.


Well done!

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Well done. I shall download that app thankyou :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

Congrats on five days! One day at a time!

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Well done. Be proud, be very proud!:grinning:


Very happy for you. Keep it going!!! U got this.

Well done maybe try a meeting they help wsih you well