Five Days Sober

Hey all,
Hope everyone had a relaxing alcohol-free Thanksgiving! I am working on 6 days with no alcohol. The most I have gone without is 6 days, so these next couple days are very important to me! I’ve been doing well with very little cravings; however, I have experienced low energy, headaches, and some depression. If you read my last post, I have an onset of neuropathy in my hands and feet. The tingling and minor aching has been super annoying but I feel like it’s really been a positive reminder that I cannot drink unless I won’t my condition to worsen. Today the tingling is much better though and I am hoping it will eventually dissipate and I experience a full recovery. Anyway, I digress. Tonight is going to be a test for me. I am going out with some friends and there will be drinking. I already know my strategy and will stick to soda water with a splash of Sprite. I think if I can get through this first week, then I will feel much better next week and will be able to continue sober living.

Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoy the start of the Christmas season!!


Congratulations man I have 8 days myself. This was the first time being home for Thanksgiving in 3 years because of my drinking/using. That’s great you have an escape plan. Most probably wouldn’t think it’s a Great idea period but you’re gonna do what you want to do in the end, you either don’t want to drink, or you want to in the end that’s how it is for me anyways no excuses on my part. I’m rootin for you man 6 days is huge stay in the moment. Even if you’re not religious pray on it. I’ll do the same. Be good to you friend you’re worth the recovery stay strong. Have a blessed day in recovery :pray::v: