Food is my addiction

I am new here. Food is my addiction. It is difficult because the definition of abstinence is very different. Are there others here? I do have experience with alcoholism as my sister died from it. Thanks for your support


Hello! I do not myself struggle with food, bit my aunt does. She attends overeaters annonymous, i suggest you try to find a meeting near you.
The most difficult part of addiction is what to do when you are bored. SO! If/ when boredom strikes, have a game plan. Go for a walk. Drink 16 oz of water. Find something to distract you. Where there’s a will, there’s a way, and you clearly have the willingness , or you wouldn’t be here. Take it one craving at a time.
If you have to snack, have a bag of baby carrots with you, that way at least you are getting fiber and nutrients instead of empty calories.

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Hi, I used to binge eat and got up over 300 pounds. I stopped when my doctor told me I wouldn’t live to 30.

I still like eating a lot but I choose food that is filling like protein and fiber. Also coffee has really helped. Sugar free flavors are great.