Foodies Unite #3

Homemade Butternut Squash Sage Ravioli in a cream mushroom spinach sauce with sausage rosemary n thyme. First time making my own Ravioli, happy with the outcome :100::star_struck:


I LOVE lamb chops. I grew up as a kid eating them weekly with mint jelly/sauce. So yum.

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Tried something new tonight. I jumped on the tiktok wrap hack wagon and made it with fish, slaw, non dairy shredded Mexican mix cheese, lime squeeze, chilli, gluten free wrap… Basically a quesadilla/taco lol… I’m very happy with my effort and it tasted so yummy!!! :trophy:


It all looks absolutely delicious. The chickpea mash sounds a lot like hummus. It’s basically mashed chickpeas, olive oil, and sometimes sesamepaste. I love it, perfekt to dip bread or chips in. Also lamb is one of my favorite meats, when I was a child upto about 10 years old my grandparents had a sheep farm (and a mink farm that he got prized for) :blush:

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Well it’s not dinner but Saturday candy (Swedish kids usually only get candy and sweets on Saturdays) finally I found dairy, gluten, soy, nuts, treenut, and peanut free chocolate.


Mint/jelly sauce :yum:
What’s with the nice restaurants not serving the mint/jelly sauce like grandma use to make with the lamb chops?? It’s hard to find that over here. That’s where I think the creative chefs have gone off their rocker :confounded:
What’s next? If they ever take away my horseradish with prime rib I’m starting a revolution :crazy_face:


Heaven on a plate, dairy and gluten-free pizza that actually tastes like real pizza. It’s deep frozen, oven heated because the pizza place can’t make one for me :blush:


Keep your horseradish. I think the world would be a better place without any kind of jelly :nauseated_face:

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Yessss I know right lol. I thought it was just my mum drunk and coming up with a crazy combination that worked perfectly lol. I can taste the mint jelly with lamb now as I think about it. So yum :trophy:

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Can’t help it, but your discussion instantly reminded me about this, especially the movie.


I needed to do something to distract myself from worrying about my FIL. No appetite when I’m stressed or worried, but cooking helps even if I can’t eat it. A makeshift lasagna with ingredients on hand. I had no ricotta or cottage cheese. Just local organic ground beef & ground pork, mushrooms, onions, lasagna noodles , and shredded whatever cheese I had on hand.
And made another loaf of bread


NY Strips for us and a sandwich cut ribeye for Chucho (and a little for Lupe, too), with grilled red onion and roasted baby potatoes and asparagus (Parmesan on top). Chucho is gobbling the steak up like nobody’s business. I’m rethinking what we try feeding him on the daily now :thinking:


Glad you got some kitchen therapy today. It usually helps me, too. Looks really tasty.

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Lol they are pretty smart. I swear my dog Buddy was holding out for Prime Rib from Houston’s when he had his liver problems and he wouldn’t eat. Nothing like ordering 2 prime ribs and one to go for your dog :grimacing:
But they are so fucking worth it.


Lol! Right?! I am roasting a chicken tomorrow so we will try some of that on him, too. They absolutely are fucking worth it, and I’m so grateful for what I am able to offer. A sober mama and steak :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


General tso’s cauliflower


What did you make the sauce out of?
You did a great job.

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I LOVE TO COOK!!! Can wait to share.
More, more, I wanna see more


That looks great :yum:

Hey Snow Angel :angel:
I got you a nice plate of stew to warm you up when you get out of the snow :cold_face: