Foodies Unite!


So I have been wanting to start a thread that shows what your eating. It can be a place to share healthy ideas and recipes. I’m always looking to try different things and since this is such a diverse app with people from all over the World; please share. Disclaimer; My phones camera is horrible!

Cajun fried catfish in coconut oil with corn and peas. Brown gluten free rice with caramelized onions and sauteed spinach with fresh garlic


Sober Weightloss group?

Lol, did you see my popcorn pancake?


No, but i must!


All I can say is I’m pregnant and I’m not sorry. It was delicious and there is only one in the pic because I ate them in little burritos as I made them. Like, all 12 of them.


Lol! That’s awesome I was expecting it to look like popcorn, not taste like popcorn :joy:


Great idea @Bill_Phillips


This had me laugh out loud, that was totally not what I was expecting :joy:


I was thinking that putting some popped corn on the up side before the pancake flip would be good. That sounded like more work than I was doing though. Maybe next time.


Dang it! I just finished a brazed lamb shank, risotto, baked cauliflower roasted carrots, and creme brule. Would’ve take a picture had I seen this thread.


Didn’t see this until after dinner but we had chicken Florentine made with gluten free pasta. My family had no clue and went on and on about how good it was. 1 point for Mom!


That looks mighty tasty!


I’m late with taking a picture too @Yoda-Stevie :rofl:
I had roasted sweetpotatoes, purple carrots, onions plus a cucumber salad. Was yum!


Tonight’s meal. Grilled peppercorn crusted N.Y Strip w/button mushrooms, skin-on garlic mashed potatoes, and steamed asparagus.


Oats, banana, kiwi and hemp seeds :wink:


Broccoli, vegan gyros and a puree of purple carrots, sweetpotatoes and potatoes


Late Lunch salad (Spinach, radish, celery, tomato, carrots, red onion, EVOO & Braggs apple cider vinegar.


4 cheese baked Mac-n-Cheese including low fat cottage, sweet red onion, roasted garlic, and ham. I ate a healthy lunch, now I’m going for food coma!


Again I ate too fast lol, forgot to make a picture.
Today I made a soup with the leftovers from yesterday. Just added some onions, parsley and broth :green_heart: yum


Pasta, mushrooms and hemp seeds :green_heart:


What? You can buy a massive bag of jelly beans that are all the same flavor without going to the jelly belly store? Look at this pile of useless snacking that I cooked by pouring them out of the bag!