Foodies Unite!


But yes maybe i should of just put red vinaigrette


oh yeah I know. But those two words were the only ones that stuck out to me. Just my alcoholic brain


Nah. It was just funny


Butter and fresh herb braised grouper, rice pilaf, and roasted broccoli for dinner.


Mmmm, roasted broccoli… I need about a pound of that and roasted green beans right now. I could so put the hurt on the biggest pile of roasted vegetables right now. The sudden desire is so overwhelming. Fuck my tiny oven and how it can’t fit a normal cookie sheet.


That blows! Although I seriously miss having our bug ass grill. Just no room where we live now. :persevere:


Creamy garlic chicken with zucchini noodles.


Lol, your food makes me sad today.


If you want to come cook for me, we can swap recipes!!


I will definitely be sharing and following. Inspiring chef here :green_heart: This looks amazing!


:disappointed_relieved::green_heart: don’t be sad.


Egg whites with some fresh basil, sweet potato with garlic, and cabbage with broccoli and soy sauce (more soy then I wanted because the cap fell in when I poured it, it’s still on the plate I just noticed haha). And I love berries, eat a little bowl of these twice a day. Funny how since I stopped drinking my food taste SO much better! I am truly enjoying raspberries, didn’t even know I liked them do much :smile: oh and my drink is peppermint iced tea. Weird combo I know, but I like it :slight_smile:


I like the plates! Maybe I should stop posting my meals on paper plates…lol! I just hate doing dishes :slight_smile:


Got them at Ross (where I got like EVERYTHING from lol). I also hate doing dishes but my rule in this house is: I make the food for you, you do the dishes. It’s a good rule.


That’s an excellent rule that I’m trying to implement here lol! Great minds!


I don’t care what you post it on, it all looks good!


It’s harder then it sounds! The trick is to don’t give in. Now and then there such a huge pile of dishes, there’s nothing clean anymore but I still won’t do the dishes. Then they even get annoyed by it and finally do them. Muhaha. M is for mother, not for maid :wink:


Lol, I fell in love with the minimalism movement last summer. I took all but 3 plates, bowls, forks, spoons, and butter knives, 2 pots, a cast iron skillet, a wooden spoon, a spatula, a cutting board and my knife block to the thrift store. The dishes can only ever be but so piled up when there are only 3 of anything regularly used. It isn’t perfect, but the size of disaster is defined and small. Works at my house.


I love the theory! I won’t cook in a dirty kitchen so that could potentially work if I refused to cook! I have a dishwasher so it shouldn’t be that bad but what I find is people put their dishes they are with in after barely rinsing them (or not at all so I take them back out and leave it on the “gluten counter” for them do it again) and then when the leftovers get put away all those dishes sit out on the counter until I wash them the next day before I start cooking again. I’ve started making him cook more recently, when that happens I don’t mind cleaning at all! So…maybe he just needs to cook all the time! :wink:


Haha yes I like that. I bet not cooking will work, they’ll get hungry lol. It’s just laziness… good you refuse to give in to that. I hope he can cook good!