Foodies Unite!


Big plate of veggies and a seitan burger thing. I’m not a vegan but I love this little Buddhist vegan buffet near my office, the food is wonderful :purple_heart:


Meal out with my friend on Tuesday.

Garlic mushrooms
Smoked salmon salad
Oreo cheesecake
Iced green tea with honey



Tonight’s supper: Curried Sweet Potato Lentil soup. Dressed with yogurt, roasted coconut and a lime slice.


My newest addiction!


Made a new paleo bread for the week tonight


Could you use that for pizza? Perhaps?


Yup I think so! Its drier than last week so that would be perfect!


Should be fine as long as your tomato is stable. I don’t know anhuge amount about paleo diets; can you use olive oil?


How very DARE you…?

Yeah nah, was the curry good, though?


I love curry. I love a good madras and would mostly go to the moons of Jupiter for a bloody good Vindaloo.


And it burned your face off?!


I got some carolina reapers and some scorpion moruga I need to use up…?


Guys…I made a challah! Man homemade bread is so pretty!


I can almost smell that. Looks sooooo good!


Beautiful :slight_smile:


So, I talk alot about my BBQ team, here’s a glimpse of some of the product we put out in 2018.


So… much… meat…


Meat sweats are a common occurrence at our events, ya know, since we have to taste everything for quality control.


Where do I have to travel to? :heart_eyes:


You’ve got to. Remember the most delicious bits need the most quality control. You gotta look out for everyone else, you know? :stuck_out_tongue: