Foodies Unite!


We’re based in Indianapolis, Indiana!


Do I ve to respond to your first post in order to subscribe to this thread or sub group? Im still figuring ut this app. Anyhow Im living in Vietnam and Im a die hard food lover. Im also on a weightloss program to lose booze weight. Expect a lot of pictures! I love to eat :slight_smile:


My friends Serbian style cookies, yum! All gone, and tea with milk of course.


All of I, I want I all! Yyuuummmmm


Wow,no I mean WOW!! Everything looks fantastic!! Wish you lived in Pittsburgh :plate_with_cutlery::plate_with_cutlery::plate_with_cutlery::plate_with_cutlery::plate_with_cutlery::plate_with_cutlery::plate_with_cutlery::plate_with_cutlery::plate_with_cutlery::blush::blush:


So much for healthy. But hey,it’s Christmas!!


:blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush::blush:wish I could share with all youns!!


Mmmmm,late breakfast on Xmas eve!


Merry xmas everyone


After two days driving and hiking wife said she wanted a burger and crispy onion rings…
I delivered. Superb cheeseburger with crispy panko crumb onion rings.


home made beef vindaloo for me.


Steamed Sweet potato, carrot then some apple! Ryder loves it!


Hey foodies! Spent Christmas alone (and still managed to be victorious in not drinking!) but got these sweet decals from my mom in the mail. My mixer is now a Fightin’ Mixer!


Omg, that’s amazing! Honestly that’s like the best gift ever!


Omg, awesome! I may have to look into decals for mine, so cool!


Do a Google image search on kitchen aid mixer decals. You wouldn’t believe the many ways people are embellishing mixers!!


Oh man! Love these, this is fun!!





My son got me this for Christmas, cold brew Dunkin-which I love so I’m trying it out this weekend. Does anyone do a coldbrew at home on their own? I’ve done it with tea but not coffee yet.


Tacky cake bombs