Foodies Unite!


Ooo that sounds great too! You know what’s another weirdly good one? (As long as you love cabbage, which luckily I do!)

Get a wok hot with some oil…add 1/2 head thinly sliced cabbage salt and pepper onion powder garlic powder. Use tongs to stir frequently…start to let it brown a little and just get cookin for a while. Once it’s really starting to soften and cook (like 10 min in) add some thinly sliced onion to the pan and mix frequently. Add a little broth to it if it starts to burn or get dry…let the cabbage and onions go until fully cooked. Put in a bowl and add squeezed lemon, pecorino romano (or Parmesan if you prefer) and cooked sausage of your choice!

It’s mostly healthy and for some reason real comforting.

The start of the recipe is actually from this “peasant” soup (cabbage Arborio rice and beef broth) I make in the winter that’s the bees knees. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll post recipe


Definitly that sounds delicious


It’s such a random cheap thing…but man…on the first snow day I love making this shit and eating it by the fire. Great when you’re wallet’s a little tight too!


Aubergine and green pepper omelette with extra light mayonnaise :yum:


Wild mako shark (which I marinated in sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, ginger, and sesame seeds) w/ brown rice and steamed broccoli.

Never cooked shark myself before, but had to get it when I saw it. Love working with new foods in the kitchen. More or less treated it like tuna steaks, it worked!


Sauce being made for lasagna tomorrow

Couple hours on the stove is all that is left


Meatballs, broccoli and a mix of mashed carrots and potatoes


Winter is coming so I’m turning the last fruits from my moms garden into applesauce and quince jam :yum:


Panko crumbed tofu blocks in tsuyu broth with shaved bonito flakes on top. Unbelievably delicious.
And actually made this myself. I’d buy it! LOL


Yum! I want! :grin:




Low carb pizza -
crust is almond flour, tapioca flour and coconut milk.
Homemade pizza sauce and topped with some of my faves.


Just fell in love…if only for a moment :blush:


My motivation to cook has been rubbish lately. I never but steak to cook at home, but today I did and made the easiest and most delicious steak salad for dinner. Totally winning tonight!


Ahhh this is heaven for a chef like me :smiley: I am 100% open to share my recipes with everyone but heres the my favourites that work in the pro and home kitchen!

Salmon En Croute with hollandaise sauce, freshly grilled asparagus with lemon and black pepper with pomme puree.

Spanish style fritata with fresh basil, assorted bell peppers, chorizo, tomato, red onion and smoked parmesan

Vegan style stirfry - brown rice, garlic, ginger, lime (juice and zest), bamboo, assorted bell peppers, pine nuts, sesame oil and corriandar

Czech style potato pancakes with garlic, marjoram and cracked black pepper with carrot and red cabbage slaw

Blueberry and mint compotte over sweet ginger biscotti with lavender infused clotted cream and dried peach shavings

Chorizzo stuffed chicken fillet wrapped in maple glazed parma ham, bacon mashed potato and root veg

Ox cheek braised in redwine jus with steamed peppered brocolli and horseradish mash



I’ll be back at getting to better dishes once I have more time. Still eating healthy. Thinking some Indian food tomorrow will do. I also pickled some ginger two days ago.



Breaking for lunch. Cod and Parmesan crusted green beans. Prepared by a local grocery store… yummy.


I had apples with peanut butter with honey, cinnamon and a touch of vanilla mixed together.


That sounds like an awesome dipping sauce! Drooling…