Foodies Unite!


Oh it’s so yummy. Sometimes I will add almond extract instead


Taking care of my body, day 602


Looks awesome…I need to get my focus back on eating more healthy…I’ve been burning a lot of calories and somehow allowing myself to justify eating junk…:frowning:


That looks amazing!


I’m a total foodie. I love to eat food. I love to make food. My favorite TV channel is The Food Network. So I am very happy to have stumbled upon this thread! Also, funny that I should stumble upon this thread today, since I had been wrapping my mind around a certain feast I had almost a year ago. All morning I had been trying to figure out how to recreate the feast for this years Thanksgiving.

I know this might sound odd, but its one of the best things I ever ate & it was from an amusement park… Its called The Great Holiday Feast from The Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios.


Cold and rainy here today…so I made chili Colorado! (Which I highly recommend if you’ve never had! It’s pork browned and cooked in a garlicky herby broth…then it continues to braise in the broth with a purée of three types of chili added to it. Served over rice w cabbage cilantro slaw, quick pickled onions, avocado, cotija cheese and a little sour cream☺️


Breakfast on a chilly morning


I made scotch eggs for the first time.
Such yum. Wow.


I picked these before our hard frost. Now - what the heck do I do with them?:thinking:


Cut those :hot_pepper: in half and top with feta and goat cheese and throw in oven or on the grill. Makes a great appetizer. Make fajitas with the bell peppers and share with your neighbors :blush:


… share the bell peppers.


devil jam…


What is that?


it’s like sweet and hot jam…use tomatoes, onions and chillies…maybe some sweet pepper as well…

Excellent for cooking…goes well with goat cheese etc…


Like salsa?


Pepper jelly is pretty darn good…smeared on a cracker with cheese…yumm


well kinda I supposed but this one is cooked…


Fire roast them on your stovetop, peel, cut into big chunks, mix with minced garlic, vinegar and olive oil. Put in a jar, keep in the fridge up to three months. Makes a great appetizer along with goat cheese and simple baguette.


Finally getting my groove back. Green bean dumpling soup on this very cold night.


Blanche them, shock them, take off the skins then roast them off and make a beautiful green pepper pesto - great way to preserve it without using loads of oil if you were to confit it…here are some uses.

Topping a fish like swordfish/John dory/ Halibut with anchovies then laying the pesto on top much like you would a concasse. Awesome with grilled fennel bulbs.

Using as a dipping condiment for bread or sandwiching melba toast.

Use it as a base for pasta sauces with a little bite - pairs really well with a bolognese style pasta with a good ham.


Seasoning - its way fresher than usin ground pepper, will give your food some colour and the nuts will give it a nice richness!

You can also blitz it with an egg and the little fillet of a chicken breast and stuff the breast itself with it. Steam it for about 20 minutes in cling film then bake for 15 minutes. The stuffing itself will bind and be the same texture as the fillet so when you slice through it, itll stay completely in tact and looks amazing when you plate it up!

:slight_smile: :slight_smile: i like cooking, me.