Foodies Unite!


I’m salvating…thanks a lot :wink:


Also, interesting screen name…I’m the only one who can see it but I totally get hiding it :laughing:


Sooo simple. Smash up a sheet cake, after cutting off the outer dark parts. Add 2T icing. Mash it up n roll into balls. Dip ends of sticks in melted candy melts. Stab the cake balls with sticks. Freeze 20 minutes, then ice cake bslls with melted candy melts. Dont refrigerate. Let em sit for about an hour and then devour. Boom.


Im bookmarking this…I have a wicked sweet tooth!


I’m cool like that lol




Carnitas? Or beef?


Both! My favorite also


I just checked you location. I knew those tacos had to be in California!


My ma` makes the best cabbage rolls ever… :heart_eyes:


I’m doing Keto and this was dinner last night. Delicious!!


Breakfast :heart_eyes:


Made a nice lunch today for my GF and I

-Grilled chicken breasts
-Quinoa cooked in broth, then sauteed with toasted pistachios, cranberries, spinach, garlic, and olive oil.
-Chilled glass of San Pellegrino, as is customary


Pork,sauerkraut, dogs and kielbasa on!! Does everyone know about the celery, to keep the smell (in your house) down to a minimum? Cant wait!!!


Last night we had the pleasure of dining at Club 33 at Disneyland.


OMG that looks so good


This is how chefs really eat…




And they even use the French cooker (aka microwave) to heat it


No word of a lie.