Foodies Unite!


Good lord, man! Do you have your own show?!?I’m totally star struck- and I know what I’m doing tomorrow!:star_struck:

Seriously - thank you! What incredible ideas. You are a total culinary bad ass.


Apple cider donuts!


Haha! Thanks! I really just love what I do and i have the absolute greatest respect for my igredients and everything my head-chefs ever told me, I paid attention. And theres so much you can do around one ingredient. You can make it the star, the condiment, the seasoning, the visual, cater to each flavour profile. The fish idea follows quite strictly to one of Marco Pierre White’s dishes - its on youtube.

I love talking food and cooking and if youre growing your own crop that damn good, let me hear what youre doing with it - I need all the tips i can get!


breakfast this morning!


where are your bananas?


Im not a huge fan of bananas.


Yeah…those were about the only thing you don’t have there fruit wise :wink:


Day three. Eggs poached in enchilada sauce. I love enchilada sauce!


Glutenfree and vegan Pancakes :star_struck::drooling_face::drooling_face::drooling_face:
Ingredients are ground oatmeal + linseed, banana, sunflowerseed-milk


Make some green chili sauce.


Love your input on food. Thax!


Totally don’t going all culinary on this rainy dismal day. So chili cheese dogs and chili cheese fries. At least I made the chili.


Thanks :slight_smile: !


Fries fries fries! I ate so much my belly hurts :laughing:


I made choc chip cookies today and took your suggestions. Here’s a pic. They have a nice rise and are done perfectly. They’re the best I’ve ever made, at least. The second batch were too brown on top, so I moved third batch to lower level. Anyway, thanks!


My spouse is sick today, so I made him some chicken noodle soup.


Cookies look identical to the ones my great grandmother used to make!!
She used chunks of chocolate not the morsels! What did u use?


@JUSTINo. Morsels. Thanks, I’m pleased with the results.:unicorn:


Day 6 - Breakfast. I drove 2 hours to sit an event that no one showed up to…then drove in horrifyingly icy conditions (3 hours) home. I wanted a beer pretty bad…I ate french fries instead.


That is some damn fine looking cookies there, Phoebe. DAMN fine. How long did you rest your dough for?

If you want to cook on multiple shelves, top tip - swap the positioning once after youve got your initial rise then again when the higher ones start to brown :slight_smile: