Foodies Unite!


Ok,before and after

Soooooo Good!


And my husband came home with a prime rib!!

OMG, I love New Year’s eve!!


Ohhh my good lord YUM!!! :yum::yum:


I had to french one of these once. I could’ve cried.

In fact, a couple days ago, I had to debone one and put all the meat aside for a pie. I DID cry.


The lady in the meat dept cut it off,weighed it,then tied it back on for him!! Mmmmmm!


I can only imagine it was like buying a brand new Ferrati then sticking a roof rack on it.


But she didn’t charge him for the weight of the bone, and as you know the bone is the best part!!


So now I have a pot of kraut n pork and ahalfa prime rib.


It’s got spinach, bacon, avocado, a bit of Caesar dressing, and cheese.


How about a smile?


Did it turn out? I absolutely love cold brew!


It was EXCELLENT! I absolutely LOVED the flavor but strong for sure. I ended up diluting it more than it said to.


Extra large pot of homemade vegetable soup!!! MMMMMM!!


Am taking the new ANOVA sous vide machine out for a test drive today. Doing beef tenderloin… Rare.


Mmmmm, rare😍


First healthy thing I’ve eaten in a while


I love how organized that is lol


Thanks! I attribute that to all my experience in the restaurant world (where presentation is half the battle) and my OCD.


I will stand by the Anova Sous-Vide cookers till the day I die. They are brilliant. I had 2 of them to use in my previous restaurant - Great purchase there :slight_smile:


I don’t have a pic of the interior… But the steak was amazing.
Finished it on a charcoal gril. With salad and flash fry octopus