Foodies Unite!


That sounds awesome. Sous vide should be used more


Best i have.,… Lame, i know…


Half rack ribs baked with Sweet Baby Rays bbq sauce. Chicken savory rice, and steamed broccoli! Bon appite!


Nothing lame about that.

Tomorrow, I shall be making a few large pies at work. I will be posting pictures of the perfect pie pastry :smiley:

Forgive the alliteration oversight there, that definitely was not intentional. Make a good headline though.


Love a good pie!
The crust is the awesome.
What’s your bottom/top preference?


Simplicity is always the way. All butter pastry top and bottom. Always unsalted butter. I don’t mind a bit of lard in a shortcrust but its just not as appetising when you know its there. The pies I make though don’t have bottoms, just lids, there’s enough pastry on top. I’ll post a picture tomorrow.

Also I wanted to say, with your sous-vide cooker - I once did 2kg of sirloin at 45 degrees for about 12 hrs and it came out beautiful.


Awesome. Thanks.
When i bought it i had the option of cooking for few… Or for a shit-tin of pigs… I went with the latter.
On a single use i am excited for using it more.
As an OCD @LuluJo fan, i love the precision. The finishing gives me creativity and flavour… searing hot charcoal or a blistering hot cast iron pan :grin::+1:


Might be considered a pretty lame dinner…BUT it was pretty darn tasty…AND healthy

Baby spinach kale and pea greens, cucumber, tomato, yellow pepper, seeded habanero, avocado, toasted sunflower seed salad with cilantro lemon vinaigrette and pan seared salmon.


Peri Peri chicken slow roasted in the oven. Serves 1 apparently :man_shrugging::wink:


You’re all making me hungry!


This week’s breakfast and lunch meal prep. Just missing the pre and post workout shakes.


Tart Tatin is THE pie for me. Even though it is an upside down pie. I use a cast iron skillet to make it. Best results. I make it with apples but prefer it with pears. No lard, I use a recipe I created, flaky and buttery. Vanilla bean ice good with it but I like it just the way it is.


This is on my list of favorite dinners! Salmon with something green on the side.

I am totally eating that for lunch!


What’s the center prep? Looks like meat, beans, potato?


I would like this recipe. I am not much on baked goods, but I will cook anything in cast iron!
And - the pears sound fascinating.


Burnt ends, mashed sweet potatoes, cheesy corn casserole, and smoked beans. My BBQ team hung out this weekend, and we had a ton of leftovers…so, made my meal prep super easy.


Love a tart tatin and Im actually with you, the pears are a nice balance as the apples can sometimes come off too sharp.

I forgot to take pictures of the perfect pastry. But I did make it. Promise :wink:



Broiled pork sirloin, coated in chili powder. Served with red cabbage, gala apple, and red onion that has been stir-fried together with coconut oil and apple cider vinegar.

On account of all the purple, I’ve taken to referring to the dish as “Pork à la Prince”


Extra large pot of fettuccine alfredo with shrimp, broccoli and mushrooms!!


Pad Thai tonight! Made from scratch! Took a while to prep but it was so worth it! :slight_smile:. If I was high I probably would have had Kraft Dinner tonight haha!!! Thank God for sobriety!