Foodies Unite!


Homemade chicken Alfredo :drooling_face:


Gnocchi, mushroom and meatballs sautéed in bacon fat. Why not!?


Thanks Marie Calendar…I’m a lazy b tonight!


Oats, linseed, sunflowerseeds, amaranth, apple, banana and hemp milk :drooling_face: Good mornin’


Soulfood: Bolognese a la me hehe. Already made it yesterday but it’s way better after one day.


Day 611 - taking care of the food intake!


@DresdenLaPage Well, I didn’t rest dough. That’s in the fridge, right? How long should I do that? I usually put two pans in oven, but wanted to make sure these came out well, for once. Next time, I’ll try that and do the switcheroo. Same for resting dough. Could I do that overnight, or is that too long?


I think I made too much ehem…


You can just rest it for 30 mins in the mixing bowl in the air. If you rest it in the fridge the cold air will escape and your cookies wont take form and will just crumble when the cooks done. Resting in the fridge is for savoury pastrys like shortcrust or filo. The reason behind letting pastry rest is because in that case you need the air to escape to make it easier to work and to get an even cook. If youve ever made a pie and seen a bubble of burnt pastry on top, its because the pastry has air in it and hasnt been rested.


Salmon patties, arugula salad with dijon, oven roasted asparagus wrapped in prosciutto. With more to serve


Yum! I love me some salmon cakes :blush:


Fav snack :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: I didnt cook em but still worth a share


Grilled these bad boys today!


Making baked tacos for the first time tonight. Hope they’re yum. #TacoTuesday


Working out makes me hungry. Brisket, MP’s and brussel sprouts.


Ready for this… half pound peanutbutter cup
Paid $8.00
Was so worth it


Are the sprouts just charred?


same ^^^ they look good


I make my kids “special sprouts” in our air fryer


Chopped and roasted with a little salt, olive oil and balsamic and vinegar drizzled on top.