Foodies Unite!


I’m gonna get all cheffy here but in a nice way :slight_smile:

@TMAC - Pork A la Prince looks awesome - something a lot of people overlook when preparing food is consistency in size and the knifework that goes into it. You seem to have nailed it! Chefs @LuluJo and @RedDragon, wouldn’t you agree?

@Mitchell_Winsor - dude, that is one serious looking Pad thai and you’re spot on - the prep that goes into it really makes you appreciate the amount of time it takes to make street food. I’m pleased you found it worth it to take the time to make it :smiley: Soon you’ll put it down in your 15 minute meal book :wink:


Definitely looking good, the use of spices in any dish makes a massive difference in the taste


@DresdenLaPage thanks boss! It’s from Jet Tilas recipe! My version of it anyways haha :slight_smile:


Haters gonna hate.


I personally love pineapple on pizza…


Made my own “healthy” turkey fried rice today. 2nd go at it. Needs some tweaks still, but I’m getting it closer to what I want it to taste like. Developing and reworking recipes is half the fun!


I love how I’m like OCD about my food lol😆 But you know, gotta fit right lol.


Mexican Chicken with peppers and onions. 20 minutes on BBQ.


Paleo banana bread muffins tonight for dinner! Yum!


I made us a carrot cake with cream cheese and vanilla bean icing tonight. It’s not yet cut so can’t show a slice.


Carrot cake sliced open. So moist. So delicious!
Why yes, that’s a lot of icing… fight me



This is so wrong on so many levels. Unfair, just unfair.


Ok, your Tart Tatin recipe is coming along. Two days ago I peeled myself off of the bed in search of pears. No such luck. I got Granny Smith apples, which is the second choice.
Today, I could only find the energy to take a picture for you. But a promise is a promise. I will get there. I just need to get there sober.
Coming soon…lol.


Save you a slice


Found a place with Keto options on the menu for lunch! Cauliflower Mac and cheese with chicken and spinach. So cheesy and good!


Take all the time you need, friend! I am snowed in, anyway! XXOO


Can I just throw this question out there??

Whats the worst thing you’ve ever tasted?


Lol No no no :face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:


Salted herring or sardines blergh!!


That’s a super good question. I wasn’t fond of brain, but it wasn’t the taste. I have had some horribly prepared Filipino food, but it wasn’t the dish, it was the cook. Shrimp paste is pretty nasty.