Foodies Unite!


Simple pork and veggie stir fry with konjac noodles i made last night. Fresh chili added later as some wimps were also eating :grin:


Nice - Very nice :slight_smile:


That looks too pretty to eat. Bet it was tasty


This looks so effing good


Holy diabetic heaven that looks tasty and monstrous!


It was disgustingly good


Those noodles freak me out. Never heard of them before


They are a super-low carbohydrate noodle made from the konjac root (also referred to as devil’s tongue yam or elephant yam). They have been used in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean cooking for hundreds of years but have only recently become more widely available in Western stores.


Theyre also bloody delicious.


Never heard of them or eaten them. Had to google it after you posted.


In preperation for dinner tomorrow, made Lemon Anise Pears for a light and healthy dessert.


Dessert baking for tomorrow. Thick and creamy rice pudding and pumpkin cheesecake (that will get a pecan praline tomorrow once it’s cooled…yay to food…yay to not being drunk while you cook it!


Cooked myself Thanksgiving dinner!


Can’t wait for dressing tomorrow


Cant wait to see this thread tomorrow! Hopefully I get my power back early enough tomorrow to be able to cook our feast & share the pics!



So this is my Thanksgiving plate & my Thanksgiving “mocktail” (apple cider & club soda). Those who know my struggle with sobriety know it’s a mocktail & those who dont, dont. So they’re not trying to push alcohol upon me. Eventually I will get around to fighting that social battle with my extended family, but today I wanted to enjoy my day without the incessant questioning and judgement. So it’s been a good day, & today I am especially thankful for my sobriety. Happy Thanksgiving y’all! :blush:


I think ive seen you mention apple cider before; is this a mass produced alcohol free cider? I do actually need to find some of this for a desert i need to make lol


I’m guessing she is either using Braggs or just plain ole’ apple cider. I make apple cider donuts from scratch and I just use the juice. But I also use braggs to make different mock-tails.


Hot tea recommendations please. I like to have some in the evening before bed. Got one called Yogi Keva tea and I am trying it instead of my sleepy time tea tonight.