Foodies Unite!


No! Stop it! Salted Herring is fantastic!

For me, well… I don’t know if anyone has ever prepared pork scratchings or broken down an animal but the smell in some cases is enough to put you off for life.

I think the worst thing I ever tasted was this chicken “thing” my ex made once. It was the first thing she ever made me which was actually before I cooked for her first :stuck_out_tongue: Shes Russian and not to say that they have bad taste but they have weird taste. It was basically baked chicken legs thatd shed absolutely drowned in a mix of sour cream, mayonaise, dill and paprika. I mean it was ridiculous! She attempted mashed potato but it came out looking like smashed potato with milk poured all over it. Suffice to say, i did all the cooking for the rest of our relationship. Except soups. She made a banging Borscht. But then she loaded it with sour cream and I couldnt eat it :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh, yes. Good times. When I went to Russian School, we would have potlucks and our teachers would bring “Specialities”. It was SPECIAL alright!


:joy::joy::joy: that so funny! I can eat sour cream or mayonnaise straight from the tub on it’s own but the mayonnaise was used in the sauce and baked??? Noooo…
And we will have to agree to disagree on the salted herring! My parents are from Holland and whenever they go back over there he always gets the salted herring from the stands that have the diced raw onion on top. He just slides them down one after the other. Don’t know how he can do it lol.


If you smear chicken with mayo prior to baking, it is quite delicious.


Oh really? I might have to try it :thinking: I love ‘buttering’ my toasted sandwiches with mayo. So crispy and yum! My kids tease me all the time because I put mayonnaise with practically everything haha


If its done properly, it is. Not just haphazardly ladelled on top!


Black meat and seal oil was pretty foul. But, the stench it make within you was the real problem. Have an Aunt who is Inuit (Eskimo). They eat that stuff like candy. Dont light a match in their house though, might blow up the whole block.


Cauliflower ziti!!! Cauliflower instead of pasta, then layers of meat sauce, ricotta cheese and cheddar! Yummmm



That looks amazing!!


I start the Optavia weight loss program tomorrow. My food was delivered today for a month, minus eating a lean n green meal per day, which I’ll prepare. It’s gonna suuuck at first, but the rapid weight loss will be a good jumpstart for me. Doesnt the food look ahhhmazing?? Heh. Foodie heaven! stare


Although it wasn’t nearly as bad as I was anticipating, hákarl is still the worst thing I’ve ever tasted. Fermented shark, I had it in Reykjavík.

I was still drinking sporadically back then (2016), the only thing that can get the taste of hákarl out of your mouth is the brennevín that comes with it.


I was talking to an Icelandic guy about this once and he said he hated it. I am really open to any types of food but fermented fish-meat just sounds less a national food, more a national disaster.

So - I guess I should come super clean now. The foulest thing i’ve ever tasted… Cheese. Any cheese. Any kind of cheese whatsoever. I know, I ought to be hung, drawn and quartered for it but I HATE cheese. That being said, every time I discover a new cheese, i will always try it in case its ‘the one’ I like but its never happened. The closest I got to liking a cheese was a smoked edam that had almonds in it but the cheese taste was overpowered by it. The Czechs have one called Tvaroh which I guess is just a flavourless, colourless, wet, nasty, chalky cottage cheese and it is ghastly. My dog loved it though.


I share your dislike of cheese, partly. I’ll really only eat it on pizza, steak sub, or Greek salad.
I could never, ever eat a piece of cheese by itself. Gah. Shivers thinking about it.


I’ve got some chilli cheddar that’s nice!


Ooh it was! And so easy to make a casserole of this!


I’m pretty sure @C-sun is a fellow cheese hater in arms with you.


I just don’t get it…



I just love crunchy pizza.


It’s cajun style!


Alright, you may marry me now. There will be no cheese in our lives. It’s a match.