Foodies Unite!


Though I drink a fair amount of tea, I can’t say I’ve experimented as much as others and am solidly hooked on most variants of green tea, even though I hear camomile is better for sleep…

Rooibos tea is interesting if you haven’t tried it, pretty interesting tastes and many variants to be found there.


I think as long as it reduces well, reacts well to variable heat and doesnt need a flambe (or indeed ignite itself) it should be fine - the only reason I want to find a good mass produced one is because if its good, ill be using a lot of it so its easier to buy rather than make.


Thanksgiving spread. My pumpkin bars did not last!


We usually get apple cider from our local apple orchard, yes alcohol free. If you dont have an orchard, during the fall season you can also usually find apple cider in most grocery stores.


Our second day of Chinese food. This was 7 bucks and was/is DELICIOUS!


You can never go wrong with chinese


My ass would disagree :sweat_smile:


Lol. I think you’re getting the wrong Chinese food. Or maybe the Japanese genes and heritage in me confer a regional resilience to the cuisine haha.

I love Chinese, but what drives me up the wall is the 80+% of “Chinese” food that gets passed as Chinese. Like, whose big idea was it to decide on a sauce fluorescent neon blood red for no good reason?




Thatll be the MSG and peanut oil mate lol one or the other, not both!


I had authentic Chinese food at this restaurant that I use to go to when I lived in Prague (of all places). That was really good stuff!


Man… I didnt see you lived in Prague aswell! Did you ever go to a restaurant in Holešovice called Bohemia Bagel?


I’ve lived all over Europe. If I did visit it I likely don’t remember. I drank a lot of budvar and smoked lots of hash…lol.


:open_mouth: ME TOO!! :stuck_out_tongue:


This was also between 1996-1999 :blush:


Ah damn, so things have changed a bit since. For a start, the buildings are not black anymore!


Yeah it was a lot cheaper too. When I lived in Corfu, I lived like a king for 8 months on about 10 US dollars a day.


Back then… yeah it wouldve been but its still bloody cheap.Its no wonder so many people get swallowed by its excesses


The best Chinese I’ve ever had was in Japan. :slight_smile:


This baby is in my belly now :hearts:
Having a coffee now and watch Antman 1 + 2