Foodies Unite!


What did you cook it on, the sun?!


Ha looks like my wife’s cooking…nooo! Did I say that out loud!!


:joy: I accidentally set the timer for 8 hours instead of minutes :weary: I really needed that pizza too. lol


I will happily marry you - A cheeseless sober household sounds perfect.


Liiiike…I’m not saying I got you two together…but I’m not NOT saying that either


Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match!


Just dont give matches to @Ac1z3k , she might put a pizza near it :stuck_out_tongue:

For those who don’t understand a hatred for cheese, I also hate brussel sprouts. And marmite. And thyme. And lamb unless its my recipe. Which in fact has marmite and thyme in it :stuck_out_tongue:


We’re definitely a bad match… I love cheese, brussel sprouts roasted in the oven with olive oil, salt, pepper and balsamic vinegar (my absolute favorite) AND I like frozen dinners (like pizza) from time to time. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Let me reinstate my hatred for these heinous foods purely solus. They make great ingredients but shouldnt be the ‘star’. Sprouts in my opinion should be broken down, sauteed with butter bacon, shallot onions and flambeed with a white wine vinegar - not eaten whole!

Marmite should be used to bolster an unstable glaze; when its slighty cooked through it has a great smokey flavour - It shouldnt just be smeared on toast!

Im also the DON! of frozen currys :smiley: Dont worry, we can work through this lol


Slow cooker chuck roast, with potatoes, onion, bacon, and steamed kale, over cauliflower rice. It’s under there, promise!


I cut my sprouts in half and brown them with olive oil and butter, then I toss them with red chili’s and orange marmalade. Sweet and spicy…


Yeah, see there you go, there’s a man that knows…


It was the most popular side dish at my cafe. It also paired well with a pistachio encrusted monk fish…man I miss cooking…


… Just gonna chime in on the marmite bit… it is horrible… so why even start with toast.

I do like the way you cook brussel sprouts, but not a fan of curry. So damn. (swipes to the left) :joy:


Nice! Monkfish and sprouts both need a lot of help; genius putting them together. Was it a proper crust or more of a hardened pesto? Sounds delcious!

@Ac1z3k - On Marmite; I agree but its another one of those things that you can get a different use out of. Stock cubes e.g. are perfect seasoning aids and save time. Just as making a cold roux will make a cheese sauce in seconds. It wont be as good but its a “Mafia” example if you desperately need something


Proper crusted!


Ahhh that is just fantastic, ill be giving that one a go


I cut my brussel sprouts in half, drizzle over a little oil and then they slide easier out of the pan and into the trash


I’ve never heard of that. You will have to keep us posted to how it is working out for you.


So very tasty