Foodies Unite!


Almost 6 days clean & I’ve been on a cooking spree. Made a Thanksgiving leftovers gallette and peanut butter cookies today.


@Kintsugi - The colour on that bird is unbelievable; just looking at it you can tell its juicy as hell and perfectly cooked. Tell me how you cooked it :slight_smile:

@psequinn - Tell me you made that Pastry fresh?!


Of course! I hate premade packaged dough, I always make my own!


Pork jerky. Chinese five spice, Szechuan pepper and chili flavour


Looks awesome! Looks like its full of folds - beautiful.


"i love talking food and cooking and if youre growing your own crop that damn good, let me hear what youre doing with it "

(New phone - haven’t figured out how to do quotes on it yet!)

I pile a boat ton of compost on my garden. Nothing complicated or fancy; lots of veggies scraps, coffee, egg shells, leaves, etc. Till it all into the soil in the spring, and begin again!


Once I’m ready to live solo again, I want to make an effort to start a veg patch and a herb garden. Ive grown herbs many times but never had a garden of my own to grow on as I’ve always lived in apartments. Isn’t it great to know exactly where your food has come from? :slight_smile:


The best. Gardening is a lovely sober hobby. I had the nicest one I’ve had in years this season. Gave me a good bit of pride - and great outdoor time.


What all was in your garden?


This year we grew tomatoes, lettuce, peppers, squash, green beans, peas, collards, potatoes, basil, dill, thyme, and pumpkins. We also got lucky with blueberries and raspberries, but the dang deer ate my strawberries.:rage:


Thanks!! It was quite delicious!


Yeah right? It’s the first one that turned out perfectly spicy and juicy :yum: I stuffed it with onion and garlic then spiced it up with oil, paprika and salt. I started with 150°c 20 minutes, then I put the potatoes in, 180°c for 45 minutes and then I heated it up to 210°c and grilled it for 10 more minutes. But next time I won’t bake it with potatoes bc they were “al dente” ahaha. I think I’ll try pumpkin or sweet potatoes or peppers or parsley root :heart_eyes: So many delicious possibilities.


I fenced in my garden this year for the first time ever! Omg. Amazing!! We planted 3 things right outside of the fence and it was all deer food night 1. My strawberries got eaten by the chipmunks instead lol.


Pea soup :heart_eyes::drooling_face:
I swear I will never ever buy pea soup in a can! This was so easy to make, cheap and it warms my belly perfectly on this cold day :hearts:
Dessert will be some tangerines


Definite Cheat Day.
Ground Beef sirloin with portabella’s and mozzarella, BP with butter and some steamed broccoli which was only healthy item on the plate lol!


Its good you stuffed it - thats how it got juicy!
I’m going to hazard a guess that your poatatoes were al a dente because they weren’t boiled/steamed for long enough??


I bet it smelled incredible. Will you do the same for the next season?


I guess we will. Seemed to be a good combination.


I didn’t boil or steem them at all bc in the recipe they didn’t say that :sweat_smile: Won’t happen again


Lol. Yeah you need to boil or steam your potatoes before you put them in the oven to roast. Same with all the sides you said above. Heres one that wont let you down :slight_smile:

  • Stuff your bird with lemon, Rosemary and hay.

  • Massage unsalted butter directly under the skin.

  • Season with Salt, pepper, Thyme,Oregano, paprika and garlic.

  • Boil or steam potatoes until soft

  • place in a tray with duck fat and season well with sea salt, place pepper and paprika.

  • Place another tray over the top and shake the tray. (This helps makes the potatoes even fluffier)

  • Roast until golden brown, turning every 20 minutes