Foodies Unite!


Chicken sausage with red peppers, caramelized onions, garlic, cayenne, and turmeric on top of wild rice and quinoa.


Homemade, oven baked bbq ribs! And twice baked fully loaded spuds!


Ok so food presentation is not a strength of mine but this was super tasty. Since stopping eating meat I’ve really missed good pies, with gravy (i.e. meat juice - British gravy). So I made one. Made with wholemeal spelt flour crust, 5 portions of veg per half pie and gravy made of veg stock with marmite and mustard powder.


Also made a meat pie tonight… chicken bacon and ranch wrapped in a rolled out biscuit


Made chicken fried rice tonight


Whats wrong with your presentation? I personally don’t know what you’re talking about; it looks awesome. Rustic, warming, filling and that gravy seeping through looks perfect! Its supple, its in tact and that filling!! You see the crust which is a bit rougher? Thats just where you’ve kneaded it a little much - Spelt flour doesnt need a lot of work but its a crust It should be like that!! Upside is its also very forgiving. If you really wanted to ‘Ramsay’ it, just let it rest longer.

I love a pie - GIMMIE!


Yes, rustic I like it! And definitely warming and filling which is exactly what you want from a pie :blush: Normally veggie pies have cheese sauce which I do like but sometimes you just need gravy.

I did not know that about spelt flour, that’s good to know. I first bought it because the shop I was in didn’t have any normal wholemeal flour but I prefer it.


I veeeery rarely use it. In fact, I haven’t used spelt for a few years and I think that was for the same reason as yours; no whole flour. How did you form the shape? I’m not entirely sure but maybe @LuluJo will know; is Spelt flour any good for desert pastry?


Try making it with scrambled egg and green onion its unreal!!


Barbeque Beef with grilled onions pizza


I used both of those ingredients. I guess not enough to be visible.


This is totally happening.




Next course.


3rd course.


I’m drooling over here. Wanted to make some pasta today but all I had was…a nap :sweat_smile::joy: And some smoothies.


Frozen Blueberries, frozen cherries, 1% milk, lemon juice, and shredded 92% dark chocolate! It’s so tasty! It’s a filling meal sized thingy.


Chili cheese fries with raspberry tea


I was craving seafood, then saw a person at another table was having wings. It became a weird surf-n-turf combo :grin:


Gonna get me some seafood tomorrow :heart_eyes: