Foodies Unite!


Toasted seeded bread


Boom. That looks the shizneh.


God it was gooood :sandwich:


Aaaand I’m hungry again :sweat_smile::joy:


Ugh guys what a day. I was at work from 7am til 6:30pm…needed pizza. Tried chocolate pizza for the first time, it’s oh soooo good :heart_eyes::star_struck::drooling_face:


Steamed potatoes with butter, sour cream, pesto sharp white cheddar, and sour kraut. THAT is what I had for lunch. No pictures because it’s already in my belly and it really wasn’t very pretty.



Hmmm sounds delicious! I need to make potatoes with butter and salt again. Simple but good


Looks like Dr Oetker chocolate pizza to me


It is :grin: This was only a tiny one, could never eat a big one :see_no_evil:


You can do anything if you put your mind to it


Somebody pinch me…have you seen this @Yoda-Stevie


Sweet jesus…please sir, tell me where this marvelous creation was seen?


I need to immigrate to the USA


Twinkies have always looked disgusting to me. I know, “Don’t knock it until you’ve tried”, but looking at one too long makes me want to gag…


Dollar general of all places…lol.


Mashed potatoes, sauerkraut and sausage, a german cliche meal :sweat_smile: I loooove it :grin:


I want to eat that for my breakfast right now!


Evening snack crumpet.


Just one?
You can’t have just one. It’s not possible :open_mouth:


I know. I had to 12 step it.