Foodies Unite!


I am powerless over crumpets.


What is a crumpet?


The knew there’d be one.


Just googled it and I believe you know them as griddle cakes?


Just made pancakes from scratch…always used a box mix…and i learned 2 things…1) always look at how many it will serve…i have enough pancakes for everyone on here. 2) when looking at multiple recipies, choosing the one with the highest butter content seems yummy, but not the case.


LOVE that plate!


Pissing with butter as it should be, well done. :drooling_face:

@teighacrain - A crumpet is a delicacy sent to us from the Gods. It should be toasted medium, served bottomless and absolutely pissing with butter.

@Thirdmonkey - There you go; You’ve gone and done it. Its recipe time! Pretty much every girl i’ve ever dated has naturally expected me to cook for them very early on and this is one my pancake recipe that I came up with for a girl i never got to cook it for - quite romantic in itself in a ‘Creeds second album’ kinda way :stuck_out_tongue:

4 eggs whisked well
4 cups of milk whisked into the eggs
1/2 & 1/2 plain & self raising flour until you get that silky consistency
Pinch of salt
Juice of a while orange
Dash of almond oil

  • Allow to rest for 15 minutes

Cook til golden brown THEN!
Zest of one orange
Strawberrys halved
Orange segments
Hazelnut chocolate sauce spread across
1 banana halved lengthways and bruleed
Dust with Icing/Granulated sugar
Seal it up, dust with icing/granulated sugar then serve with any fruity or icecream and whipped cream…maybe even sprinkle some crushed nuts into it. :slight_smile:


Oh. My. God. That sounds amazing!


Looks like that’s dinner tomorrow


@MandiH - Thankyou :slight_smile: its one dessert recipe that im especially proud of. One day when I open my own restaurant, It’ll be a complimentary dessert served in the middle of the table with floater coffees and pommegranet juice over crushed ice :slight_smile:

@Thirdmonkey - Please, if you try it, let me know what you think! Im always interested to hear opinions on my desserts from friends across the pond :slight_smile:


Oh my god that sounds delicious!!!


Veggies, sausage, butter and rice

Cake :heart: We call it “Bienenstich” = bee sting. As a child I didn’t want to eat this cake bc I thought a bee would sting me haha. It’s basically whipped cream on cake topped with chopped almonds and honey. Pretty sticky but oooooh my goood :drooling_face:


Ive had Bienenstich - Ridiculously good!

I tried to make it years ago but it collapsed. I might give it another go! Any tips?


Haha no! I bought it from a local bakery :wink:


Damn all of you.


Looks like a sponge :sweat_smile: What is it? Some kind of pancake?


It’s a crumpet! I had to buy some yesterday because I kept seeing them here😃 So friggin good


I wish I could find crumpets here. Guess I’ll have to make them.


Me too, they’re unknown here :smiley:


I didn’t know that, I just googled it’s a British thing. They’re so damned good, spongy and light.