Foodies Unite!


Cogitate? :thinking:


Or sometimes might let an idea percolate…


It sounds like marmalade lol and I think it means the process of breaking down fruit or something to make a jam/compote…

@DresdenLaPage help?


@Mtrav0040 & @JUSTINo
Thanks for indulging in my very vague question lol


Ruminate? :slight_smile:


I keep coming back to ruminate… But it’s not it lol


Remoulade? A sort of Cajun tartar sauce?


Roulade? Can be fruit or savory meats rolled in some sort of pastry.


Is it “marinate”? :joy:

Edit: its not “mull”, is it? To mull something over?




Maybe macerate?

Macerate: the soaking of an ingredient, usually fruit, in a liquid so that it takes on the flavour of the liquid. Can also be used to soften dried fruit.


my husband said this to me and I thought “that’s it!”… But it can’t be used as a way to “think” something over, at least I don’t think it would be used that way


Maybe it’s not even a word :roll_eyes:


No, but that’s what I’m doing here instead of working lol


This happens to me all the time. For weeks I couldn’t think of Calobrian Chilis, it bothered the hell out of me. I had to watch like 16 episodes of Beat Bobby Flay to figure it out😂


Ahahaha I’m pretty happy you figured it out because that’s a looong time trying to think of something, I would go crazy… I am going crazy lol what if it’s not even a word :disappointed_relieved:

Interesting ingredient, just looked it up… It’s like crushed red pepper paste?


It drove me absolutely insane… I hope you figure yours out soon so you dont go through that insanity!

Yeah it’s a small little spicy red chili. They’re usually canned or dried, but they could be in paste form too


I’ll have to marmalade on it longer :joy: hopefully it will come to me.


You can roulade it in your mind. Your thoughts will look like a Swiss Roll.


Here’s some of the desserts I’ve been baking.

Mango cheesecake bites with a waffle cone crust, swirled with mango puree, & topped with fresh mango & toasted coconut shavings.
Cookies & cream cheesecake bites have an Oreo crust, topped with crushed Oreo.
Cinnamon roll cheesecake bites have a Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal crust, drizzled with cinnamon sugar syrup & swirl of vanilla icing.


Yum! Thanks for the recipe :slightly_smiling_face: sounds super easy, will definitely give it a go!