Foodies Unite!


You have German food though😍


Is it weird that I’m sitting at a bus stop eating pepperoncini out of a jar :laughing:


I wish more people would do that. I mean both specifically your current activity as well as weird stuff in general. Weird is the spice of life!


I could write a book on weird shit I do…lol! I’m almost got arrested once in Düsseldorf while waiting for a train to Prague. I was singing thriller and trying to do the dance in front of everyone. Although being a drunk American was more likely the reason for almost getting in trouble :wink:


Kielbasa, chili peppers, onions, red pepper and garlic on brown rice and quinoa.


Brokkoli, beef, rice and an awesome sauce (honey, sesame oil, garlic, chicken broth, soy sauce, chili sauce, chili flakes and ginger) :hearts:

Dessert will be some cookies I dip in hot coffee :grinning:


Simple stir fry…

Pork loin, red bell pepper, sugar snap peas, mango, green onion, ginger, garlic, coconut oil, crushed red pepper. Served over brown rice.

Certainly not the most complicated thing in the world – but easy, tasty, colorful, and nutritious.


Yum! I love to add peaches to this! Could eat stuff like that every other day


1/2 burger…pregame food!


Chia is such a useful ingredient.


Oh this reminded me from that “regular stuff that you have never done” thread…I’ve never had a Twinkie!


Do they even exist outside the US? I’ve never seen one except in TV/film.


You are missing precisely nothing.
Most underwhelming


Forget the twinke, raspberry zinger is where its at


I had spaghetti with champignons, onions, peas and chicken. Cooked with chickenbroth and heavy cream. I was so hungry that I forgot to make a picture lol. Now I’m having a hot milk with cinnamon, honey and cardamom :hearts:


Because - snowed in. And I found a pretty good GF sandwich bread for a reasonable price.


The grilled cheese is pesto white cheddar. Tomato, basil, pesto soup with cheese crisps. We love cheese crisps!


Meal prepped for this week’s lunches. Chicken and smoked sausage with peppers, onions, mushrooms, and kimchi over cauliflower rice, with broccoli/brussel sprouts. Pistachios, apples, and bananas for snacks/shakes


I remember those days! :slight_smile:️ Wow, this looks incredible.