Foodies Unite!


Mango cheesecake bites!!! I’m officially in love with you :joy::joy:


I’m all about the mango! They were so good!


I’ve just been baking my way through sobriety and thoroughly enjoying it!


I would do unspeakable things for those scones right now.


Oh yes, me too :star_struck:


Yum - you have a talent, everything looks great!


@Mtrav0040 @Kintsugi @Vikingsfan thanks guys! This is what I made tonight; chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter whipped buttercream :yum:


I’m never baking this accurate. That looks delicious :heart_eyes:


I’ve been baking for the last week. I’ve just been cooking & baking my way through sobriety & it has been quite a delicious journey! Lol


It looks like a talent you could make a little side cash off with. My will power would be challenged with confections like that around.


I’m almost dribbling, they look very nice


Sweetpotatoe puree, meat loaf and salad


I made my sister a birthday dinner tonight. Stuffed portobello mushrooms, veggie couscous and french onion soup.


A mango-snack after cleaning the apartment


Nothing like a protein shake to get your day started off right. I hope everyone has a great and sober day!!!


Cheesy potato soup with green hatch chilies and crumbled tortilla chips. So good!




Yum! I could quite literally just eat only mangoes for the rest of my life :heart_eyes:


@Bill_Phillips what happened here? The irrisistable aroma of the wings was over bearing. Two wings deep you forgot you hadn’t yet taken the pic! Haha…dont blame you there.


With great irony, a surprise gift from my brother.

Did you know you can buy a one pound bag of nothing but “cereal marshmallows?” True facts. Ostensibly to add to your favorite bran cereal for flair, one serving contains 50% your daily value of refined sugars. :open_mouth: