Foodies Unite!


Tonight I made good ol’ Tuna Noodle Casserole. I haven’t made it in FOREVER, because I try to stay gluten-free. No picture because I wolfed it down. I did make one with cream of mushroom and mushrooms because the younger is a vegetarian.


That sounds so good! I’ll have to make that tomorrow.


Apple pork chops with pesto and veggie couscous, asparagus and a hassleback potato. I made this a couple weeks ago, the kids loved it and wanted it again.


That looks amazing.


Thanks! It was pretty good. Definitely something that will end up on the regular rotation. :blush:


Dan, you want a job?


That would be fantastic!


This :arrow_up:

Became this :arrow_down:

onion, shiitake, ginger, pak choi, chicken, green curry paste and rice :drooling_face:


Pea soup. Not really beautiful but simply yum! Perfect when it’s rainy and grey and cold outside.




Homemade deep dish seafood pies.
Scallops, prawns, squid, mussels, salmon, cod… All in a white wine and lemon bechamel


This always happens! Ugh…


This is a sandwich I made cause I was craving a Thanksgiving dinner sandwich. It’s cheese, ham, cherry jam, mayonnaise, and lettuce. It sounds gross and weird, but it’s so good. Plus this bread is amazing!!


That sounds delicious! I love such weird combos :heart_eyes:


Exactly. Its so Good!!! Have you ever had a Thanksgiving sandwich? It’s turkey, cranberry sauce, lettuce or spinach, and stuffing. It’s the best.


This is toffifay. It’s so good! Caramel, chocolate, and a hazelnut. Mmm.


I didn’t even ever had turkey :sob:
I’ll buy all the stuff on your sandwich tomorrow, I need to try that :drooling_face:


4 batches of cookies done for school Valentine’s parties tomorrow… realized I was out of chocolate chips and had to use some white chocolate and one of my dark chocolate bars cut up - making this way from now on!


This is what I made for my man & I tonight! I’m not real big on celebrating this “holiday” but I’ll take any excuse to cook or bake something special!


That stinks. I love it in stuff, but I don’t like it plain. It’s so good. We’re out of bread now and it’s sad cause I can’t make another sandwich lol😆.