Foodies Unite!


Six new inches of snow. This is how we roll. Soooooo good!


Paprika chicken and vegetable pasta bake yum!


If ever you need a new man, let me know.

That red velvet looks ridiculous.


Also, is that a scallop and lobster linguine?


LOL, I’ll keep that in mind. The cakes turned out quite good. I made one for his mother too (pic attached) & to answer your question, the pasta is scallop carbonara. When I went to get the bacon for the carbonara, I saw the lobster tails on sale & couldn’t say no. Lol! I’m a sucker for seadfood!


Paige and Josh @DresdenLaPage,
I just need you guys in my life to make me food.


Im actually in the process of cooking dinner for my mum and stepdad right now - Ill post a pic after!


There’s no way to make a steak dinner look good unless its under lights and the chips are in a bloody little bowl… But we don’t do lights or little bloody bowls in this house - we do portion size and flavour.

The veg are boiled in saffron and seasalty water.
The steak is griddle-pan fried, twice on each side then glazed with a reduction of bbq, honey, star anise, sage, salt and pepper corns and its own juices mixed into the reduction. Its then put in the oven at 165°c for 4 minutes to achieve medium rare. Once its rested for 3/4 mins…perfect medium. Id show you but theyve eaten it. Lol

I’m having chip butty with lots of ketchup :slight_smile:


@DresdenLaPage Are your parents foodies, too? I’m sure they appreciate your cooking skills/art.:unicorn:


No they’re very functional eaters. I think they like my cooking but home kitchens obviously have limits to what you can do; so if i cook for them I tend to keep it simple so theyll actually eat it but ill do things to enhance the ‘simple’. E.g. In a pro kitchen you’d never put a medium/med-rare steak in an oven but home kitchens arent as powerful so its pretty good to push that last bit of heat through it before you rest it. Or the infused water just adds a bit of depth to veg.

I enjoy it. Its fun :slight_smile:


Still looks awesome. I’d eat that up.


Where are you from? I was also in the middle of cooking dinner, but prepping to put in the slow cooker bc it was nowhere near dinner time for me!
Spice rubbed ribs & bacon wrapped ribs.


Im from the UK. If you’re into smoking meats but dont have a huge amount of space, Bradley make awesome smokers. I used to run one in a bbq kitchen i used to run. Theyre fairly cheap aswell and not much to maintain and the more its used the better.


Thanks! I just looked into them, might have to invest in one some day!


Smoking gun. That’s an interesting kitchen gadget.


It was definitely an odd item on my christmas list. Everything read “smoking gun” and thought I was trying to frame someone for murder or something lol.


New chili recipe tonight.


Which wood biscuits are you using?


Which wood would a smoking gun smoke if a smoking gun would smoke wood?
~ Wood, probably


:heart::heart::heart: Cubano sandwiches!