Foodies Unite!


I used hickory wood chips for the ribs


Nice - I used to use Apple wood and Mesquite. The smell that comes out of the smoker is beautiful.


I have applewood chips also. I have a few bacon recipes I want to do with the applewood. I think it’s just such a great flavor combo


Do it! Glaze it up with some maple syrup and orange zest aswell. :slight_smile:


I actually just ran out of maple syrup. I made bacon maple waffles & used up the last of it. But absolutely!


Tonight I made spinach & sausage stuffed shells with hommade all day bolognese sause or “italian gravy” as my cousin likes to remind me.


Brook Trout in butter


Moose meat stew and venison shepherd’s pie



One of these is my birthday breakfast and one is my vegetarian daughter’s. Can you tell which is which?


My daughter is doing her home economics practical exam for GCSE thus Wednesday so she had to do a three hour practice run at home today. Her final practice. So this was dinner . Very proud of her !!


I remember when I did my olevel. Can’t remember what it was now but I know my family had to have it so I could practice.


Wow! That looks amazing.


Thanks so much she worked very hard. Hope it goes as well in Wednesday x


This is my vegan pizza with thin crust made from scratch :blush:


Peach cobbler and layered breakfast casserole. Cooking on fire in winter rocks my world.


Butternut squash stuffed with red onion, mushroom and chickpeas, with sautéed kale and cherry tomatoes on buck wheat. Was good but the squash would have been better with some feta cheese crumbled into the stuffing mixture.

Didn’t get a picture but had some figs with Perl Las (blue cheese) after. Delicious!


Yeah…The bottom one is your daughter’s))
Happy Birthday! :rose:


Yeeeeessss! Winter fire! Winter fire! Even the photo makes me happy.


Southwest Zucchini Boats with Quotilla Cheese


Chef in the making. Love it.