Foodies Unite!


Carolina Sauce, made with maple syrup and brown sugar…for the pork butt I am cooking tomorrow.


Never did something like that :star_struck: I’m so jealous! That looks amazing :+1:


Had dinner last night at Smashburger. LOVE this BBQ, bacon and cheese with crispy chicken! :heart: :hamburger:


New here…and real Foodie!

. I gonna bake a beautiful quiche. I’ll show the result! :slight_smile:




Triple-choc mini muffins with a Milky-way (Aussie chocolate bar) core.


Milky Way Bars are made by Mars. HQ is in McLean, Virginia, USA. Definitely an American candy.


I think the US version is different to the Aussie one.


You are correct. Milky Bar is an American candy but @AyBee is correct in that the American version is different to the worldwide version. I seriously have too much time and boredom on my hands for a Saturday afternoon :roll_eyes:


Sous vide octopus.
6 hours at 77°C.
Basted in olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, garlic… Finished over charcoal


Mjam mjam…looks delicious!!!


Baking bananawafels (low carb) myself!



Chicken Tikka Masala and pita, cause I’m out of naan, lol.


Those Anova Sous vide cookers are awesome.


I LOVE octopus!


Breakfast :heart_eyes: All kind of seeds plus a banana in oat milk and of course coffee :blush:


If I worked in a subway I could now call myself an artist


Are there foodies who love Ottolenghi?


Roasted eggplants with oregano & anchovies, combined with sesame tunasteaks!