Foodies Unite!


Oh i want that! Chances for recipe?


Sure…I’m at a party right now! Tomorrow!:wink:


Here you are @Fireweed! Scroll down, enjoy!!


You remembered! Thank you :pray::pray::pray:
I think ill have to look if we have that ottolenghi book here in FIN :slight_smile:

Was a good party?

Edit im a big fan of aubergine and prince’s (rip) purple rain :eggplant:


Prince was my hero (read: God) when I was 14 till about 20 or so. I stopped adoring him as a god when he made Sexy motherfucker…but I do still love him. I cried when he died :sob:


What was wrong with sexy motherfucker?


The title, the microphone in the shape of a gun…he lost me there. But when I hear Sexymotherfucker nowadays I like it :joy:hqdefault




and after! Another Ottolenghi roasted eggplant recipe…with almonds, curry-yogurt, coriander- and cumin- and
pomegranate seeds! Mjam mjam :slight_smile:



Derek, are you hosting a rabbit, bud?


I love me green veggies.


Veggies? That’s what my food eats.


Yeah, Derek. Your eating my foods food, stop it.


There’s some tilapia in there. Trust me, a vegetarian I am not


What it needs is a nice medium deer leg slammed across it. Thats a proper meal.


Venison is my favorite of all the meats.


Looks delicious


I"m pescatarian! :grin:


Lunch for tomorrow

Grilled chicken, baby bok choy, and peanuts stir fried in coconut oil and a garlic-ginger teriyaki I made. Brown rice.

Technically I am supposed to use cashews, not peanuts, but what can I say…sobriety is making me rebellious.