Foodies Unite!


Looks just fine! Is it a vegetarian chicken :wink:?! Bon appétit :plate_with_cutlery:


Thanks! Very easy to make, usually make it once per week or so.

That is real chicken :slight_smile:



Lol my presentation not as neat as everyone else


Vegetarian chicken is a joke. People tell me you can eat this chicken…it’s a vegetarian one :wink:
I’m glad you post your food! I love food and to cook and I was hoping this thread is coming to life and it does :-)!


Thanks! I like seeing your photos on here, too, it all looks great!
I cook every day, I make pretty much everything I eat. I’ll post here more frequently :smile:


OMG, this looks so good


Looks pretty good! I see carrots, zucchini, potatoes, onions and meat I think…and you’re eating outside, right!? I hope we can eat outside again!!


Thanks!! I also try to cook everyday, not always got the time, but most of the time I do. And if I haven’t got time to cook fresh, I eat my own food from the freezer!


I have some moose in my freezer :slight_smile:


This thread definitely goes in spurts. I have been making all different flavors of tofu crumbles for my vegetarian daughter. Thai, Chinese, Indian, and Mexican mostly. That way, I make a veggie dish and we add chicken or fish and she adds crumbles.


How does moose taste like?! I’ve been a veggie for 20 years, than omnivore for 8 years an now I’m pescotarian…so I will never taste moose, also because you cannot buy it here :rofl:


Tofu is great stuff to cook with! I used to make ayurvedic tofu for breakfast.


I was a vegan for about one year, but my iron deficiency went so bad i had to come back as a meat eater. I try to get moose or deer meat etc whenever possible. Moose has a kind of iron taste (very low fat) from my point of view.


I’ve heard that before about vegan diet…my son was thinking about it, but he also a pescatarian…so you can’t buy moose in your grocery store? Finland right?


Now that tomorrow’s lunch is done, here is todays…
Pork, roasted carrots, with cabbage & onion sauté.
Snowy and cold here today, this is great cold weather comfort food.
Plus…I get to eat BOTH plates, I’ll save one for later.

@Ifs this is what became of cabbage #1. Cabbage #2 is scheduled for execution on Tuesday.


Why are you supposed to use cashews instead of peanuts?


It’s based on a bok choy stir fry recipe I found a few years ago which, over time, I made into my own – but the original uses cashews.


Do you just prefer peanut?

I usually swap cashew out for either peanut or macadamia because I dont like cashew.


I love cashews, but I’d rather eat them on their own as a snack. The peanuts are great in it, though.

Macadamia…now there’s something I love, but have never used in cooking. I’ll keep that in mind