Foodies Unite!


They asked coworkers to each bring a pie. It will be fun to see the different varieties. I like this recipe because it was so simple. Graham cracker crust. Beat 8 oz cream cheese with 3/4 cup powdered sugar. Mix in a 20 oz can of crushed pineapple drained with 1/2 cup reserved for garnish. Fold in 8 oz tub of cool whip. Put in crust and garnish with pineapple and coconut. I thought maraschino cherries would be a nice touch, but I didn’t have any.


reminds me of a scene in Shining. Hope you will have a bit more relaxed atmosphere :wink:


Sounds good!


:sparkling_heart: The Shining and Jack of course…how could it be otherwise Hanna :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’ll be fine :slight_smile: I don’t plan on recruting idiots


No one does, though… :S

Edit: (not that I don’t have confidence in your abilities to sniff out good from bad. You’ve been in the industry long enough to develop a sense for it :slight_smile: )


I need a plan B for the weekend to fill fill up the time. Thinking about making vegetarian pizza. So what do you people put on your pizza? Do you make your own sauce? Im an idiot in the kitchen so this will take me hours😂



Thx!! Will check it out🤗


@Ifs - yeah but no matter how much you pay for a collinder, there’s always one strand of spaghetti that’ll get through it.

@Bella2 - the sauce is easy enough to make. From fresh, blanch some tomatos for 20 seconds and then shock in ice water to remove the skin and break it down to a concasse. Reduce that down so the water content cooks out add some olive and finely chopped basil and garlic, salt and pepper then puree it down. Bellissimo!

Easier still, tinned tomatoes sieved, reduce with some tubed tomato puree, dried basil and garlic salt, olive oil and pepper. Also bellissimo but without all the knife work :slight_smile:

You know how to make a good pizza dough?

Edit: Sorry, you said ‘idiot in the kitchen’ - A concasse is really just peeled, seeded and diced tomatos :slight_smile:


he never retweeted it lol


The latest inclusion to the hot sauce collection


6am and I want pizza now! :joy:


Oh my :joy: Shit the bed?


May cause anal leakage

Exactly the warning you want on a hot sauce


Bahahahaha :+1:


Nice to have a chef around!

I’m gomna cook this for dinner. Any hints to make it even more delicoius? The gnocci I mean!


@DresdenLaPage omg gonna make myself a whole new pizza tomorrow🤗 usually they always taste the same so it will be good to make my own sauce. Thx😊


Ahh the Otto… I wouldn’t change this. I might make a glaze for the lamb which would be mustard (both English and wholegrain), red wine and mint sauce. But thats exactly how I make gnocchi and the aubergine sounds vibrant enough.

You could try a potato gnocchi but I don’t really see any need to unless you just had it left over. Good luck!


First breakfast ive eaten in years. Americans, please tell me how bacon, banana and maple syrup go together with pancakes. Its just weird…