Foodies Unite!


I’m pescotarian so no lamb for me anymore…but thankx for your advice :smiley:!


Okay, so use a steaky fish. Something like swordfish or something that peppers well like haddock.


Chicken Cacciatore anyone?


Hmmm looks great :-)…


The gnocci was great! But I forgot to take a picture before we attacted tbe dish :laughing:


My man & I went on a date night last night with my parents. We decided to treat ourselves to a more upscale restaurant to celebrate my sobriety of almost 2 months. I ordered the herb crusted rack of lamb with mashed potatoes & steamed veggies. & wow was it delicious. Also it was presented quite beautifully until I spun the dish around and spilled the sauce all over the plate. Whoops :joy:


It’s Saturday - F’it I’m doing it


Actually on second thought…I cut up strips of Pizza for bread and made a breakfast casserole. :yum::pizza:


Dinner tonight was seafood fra diavlo with scallops, shrimp, salmon, trout, squid & mussels. Then I made a kiwi cheesecake for dessert.


Tell me about the Kiwi :kiwi_fruit: cheesecake…clearly it had thinly sliced kiwis on top, but what was the filler combo for the cheesecake that made it distinctively “kiwi”?


No I make a vanilla cheesecake topped with thin sliced kiwi and then I add a kiwi juice on top while the cheesecake is still warm, it sinks into the cheesecake and gives it a hint of kiwi flavor without being over the top.


That sounds amazing! Thanks for sharing.


You’re welcome!


Leftover breakfast veggies, added some tomato sauce, chickpeas, cumin, turmeric, garam masala, red and yellow curry powder and garlic. Delicious!


This American despises syrup AND pancakes…so stick that in your cheese-hating information bank :crazy_face:.


What is beside the asparagus? I like greens too nom.


Ok…got 8lbs of Corned Beef Brisket, 3 heads of cabbage, 20 red potatoes and a bunch of carrots ready to come out of the slow cooker after 8 hours, soda bread and Irish honey butter.

Must be St. Patrick’s Day in the USA!


Underneath the potatoes is meat. Yum!! I love shepherds pie!!!


I don’t have this recently but it was the best salad I’ve ever had!


Macaroni for lunch
Also, had a smoothie for breakfast. Only have a picture of the end, cause it was so good I drank it really fast.