Foodies Unite!


Today’s breakfast is porridge with ground cinnamon


We did that last year when we had an abundance of courgettes in the garden. It’s not bad is it?


Ooh you grow veg! I really like it. Really similar consistency.


Yes for a couple of years now. Still learning what to do. And what not to do. Courgettes coming out of our ears last year, courgette spaghetti, courgette chutney, which was really nice. And courgette marmalade. Also surprisingly nice on toast.


Lovely! Good in sponge cake too apparently.


Didn’t try that. Thought it was a step too far :rofl:


I just had teriyaki mackerel on toast with fried egg. It was luvly jubbly!


Are those things on the bowl for chopsticks?


They are :chopsticks:


I did some SERIOUS cleaning & housework today. So by dinnertime, I was just too tired to cook anything. I offered to throw a frozen pizza in the over for my fiancé, but he knows I dont like those pizzas so he offered to get us takeout. To thabk me for my hard work today, he agreed to try the Indian restaurant I’ve been wanting to try. And OH MY GOD. It was so good.

He ordered chicken dahiwala & I ordered a tandori variety plate. I am one happy lady right now!


what? no naan to go with that awesome looking food?


. Healthy delicious brownies with avocado, banana, a little bit of honey and melted 70% chocolat ( so just a tiny bit of sugar)…and for the bite pumpinkseeds!


They didnt give us any to go with it. Luckily I had some at home though


Another Ottolenghi! Here is the recepy if you want to eat it too! It’s very easy and delicious!!




I wonder how the bread feels… its relationship with its other half is now long distance. :laughing: Can I have a bite?


Too late, its in my belly…


You got any carolina reaper sauces yum


Ribs are ready!!! C’mon over…:sunglasses:


Wow!!! Those look fantastic!!! What kind of sides are you serving with the ribs?