Foodies Unite!


Usually Include potato and slaw, cornbread or corn ans sometimes beans. Today just a veggie crudite and some dips. Thank you for your compliment also


it matches your pants how cool.



@funnydad Thanks…Tonight I grilled a tiny Filet, baked potatoes and super sweet corn for lunches. After the steak I grilled chicken for a healthier option during the week. I also made Carolina Gold Rice with cilantro and garlic Naan to go along with everything.


3 of my favorites. Steak, potatoes and cilantro. I can out that herp on/in anything. Looks outstanding!!!


Oh my God! I could totally inhale those!


I’m looking for inspiration… I may or may not be making a trip to my favourite Japanese market in the next couple of days. Name your favourite East Asian spice, flavour, or ingredient, and what’s special about it to you!


My cupboard is incomplete without star anise and saffron.




Tonight I wanted to make coq au vin but my local store was lacking some ingredients so instead i made chicken thighs with roasted potatoes & carrots in a bacon buerre blanc sauce.
This all started with a debate with my man about whether french food is good or not. He said no, i made this french style dinner but didnt tell him what it was. He loved it so much & went back for seconds… it was at that point that he asked “what kind of sauce is this?” To which I responded “FRENCH BITCH” lol


Asian salad…without the noodles for a healthier meal.


Grilled Mexican lime chicken.
Meal prep for the week. :heavy_check_mark:


I was craving eggs and green beans for dinner lol such a weird combo so i went out and got the stuff and i’m so glad i did!


I love temakis. Things wrapped in nori. Maybe scampi, avocado, chili slices and cilantro… couple of drops tamari soy.


Today I was making honeycomb. I burned it. So I made it again. And burned it again. And again. And again. 5th time lucky.

Moral of the story - when making caramel, do not forget that you are making caramel.


Is that chili in those peppers? :yum::yum::heart_eyes:


In this house, we eat BIG pancakes…


No. I brown and season hamburger with onion and garlic powder and garlic salt. Then add beef broth, tomato sauce, and cooked rice. Heat and fill peppers, but I like the chili idea.


Never in my life have I ever seen Chicken Wings in a Beurre blanc sauce…


And now you have. It was fine dining on a broke ass budget :joy: turned out to be fantastic though