Foodies Unite!


It sounds delicious. How did you go about blending the butter into the reduction?


Constant and careful whisking.


Home made sweet chilisaus without sugar! To go along with veggie burritos! :yum:


Just bought this bad boy. Ostrich egg


Fried egg and duck, iced tea.


This went over the pass today :slight_smile: This is a thai curried cauliflower with wild rice, flat leaf parsley and pomegranete seeds and pork crackling with spiced apple sauce. :slight_smile:





Ostrich egg??


Yep! Gonna cookie it this week and pair it with rabbit!


That looks sensational!




This strange looking thing is vanilla ice cream wrapped in fried waffle and chocolate. two banana coconut cookies on the side. Its my absolutely favourite sweet and its so easy to make :blush:


Omg now im craving​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Stuffes peppers for dinner one of my favorite meals!


Thanks! I love my job - Its a real great outlet for my food passion.


Medium rare sirloin :slight_smile:


Sign Me Up!!!
Banana and coconut!!! OMG
Add Ice Cream!!! OMG OMG OMG


The perks of treating the owner of the sushi and steakhouse next door. Samurai Roll.


How about someone wrestle me up a ribeye (rare) and a caprese salad on the side. I do not have a grill at this house yet.


Or I will take what @rmgrimmer is having. I just need someone to bring it to me, because I am tired.