Foodies Unite!


With pleasure!


Never eaten that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Does it taste like chicken egg? And where do you buy them? What country are you from?


Taste like a normal egg honestly. We got it from an ostrich farm in Solvang. I live in California lol. It cost like 35 bucks. Not bad.


The epitome of gourmet.
Vegemite toast.
Fear my skills


Hummus :yum:


Pork stir fry for dinner


Mmm i llloove hummus :yum:


Of course!:wink:


Those little dishes are so cute! And the hummus looks delicious :yum:


I wish I could give you and @Fireweed some, but I can give you the recipe Best hummus ever…(in dutch) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here’s a handful of pictures of my plating :slight_smile:

Orange Marmalade Sponge, Candied orange with orange gel reduction, Chocolate creme fraiche and lemon balm

Eton Mess

Chicken in chasseur sauce with fondant potatoes

Slow roasted pork belly, carrot and onion puree with roasted potatoes, watercress and a sweet cider jus

Chicken Satay Salad


I would eat those.


Holy crap!! Those look amazing!!!
I would gladly devour any of those dishes!!!
You must work in a pretty swanky place.


@rmgrimmer - Thankyou, thats very kind of you.

@GVLNative - thankyou :slight_smile: I guess some people might call it swanky. To be honest, it’s really just that its all home-made, locally sourced ingredients - treated respectfully - and there is an awful lot of time, energy and effort put into every component on the plate and HOPEFULLY it shows. And hopefully, people enjoy what they see and what they taste :slight_smile:


I would die for someone to make me that right now. Sounds delicious.


I am really digging the Orange Marmalade Sponge

Orange Marmalade Sponge, Candied orange with orange gel reduction, Chocolate creme fraiche and lemon balm



Do you want the recipe?

@psequinn - Thanks :slight_smile: Which do you like the look of most?


I would love it!
I love the plating with the orange sponge & eton mess. Theyre both beautiful. I do think desserts have an unfair advantage bc they are much easier to plate elegantly… but you do a great job plating with all your dishes. Wherever you work, I would love to come eat there some day! Looks & sounds delish!


Well, Im in the UK but if you’re ever around …!

Deserts are very colourful so yeah you’re right but ease of plating depends entirely on your crockery - notice how the Pavolva follows the shape of the bowl its on? And the sauce is drizzled in a circle? Its all based on the crockery :slight_smile:


Yes I want the recipe!!!