Foodies Unite!


Very true. Either way, you do a great job. And if I am ever in the UK, I will let you know.


Coming your way. After service :slight_smile:


Low carb pizza with cauliflowerbottom…was very yummie!


Not made by me! But still a lovely sober afternoon tea!!


Nice…looks like all food groups are covered (finger sandwiches, salad, and chocolate)!!


Made lemon curd pavlova


street taco life. Two nights ago.


Spring has sprung, but I still want soup (here chicken soup) :heart_eyes:


Meal prep for wifey. Roasted chicken and potatoes with honey and herb carrots


I bet this was awesome however… I am never going to understand who/why we started putting food on slate.


I like the slate!


Awww. My tastebuds buddy! Yummo!


A few days ago, my dear mum and sister came into the restaurant for dinner on me. My dear stepdad, however, wasn’t able to join them so he missed out. Plus he wasnt feeling great after laying 3 rooms of flooring for sister. So I made him his favourite dessert yesterday - Everyones favourite dessert, cheesecake! It takes 15 minutes to prepare, probably 5 minutes to eat. This ones a double chocolate with crushed peanut M&Ms (also his favourite) and a chocolate chantilly mess. Hopefully 8 portions will be enough :slight_smile:


Lovely looking Pie mate!


Thanks mate! My cheesepie did get the stamp of approval too, so dead happy about that




Fired up for first time this year. Lit on first try, even after being left out all winter.


Only two burgers? These days that would be an appetizer for me :smile:
Take away beer and I can pound some burgers.


Just 2 of us for dinner, and 1/3 pounders.


This morning as I was making my eggs I had a craving for extra black pepper, so I peppered my eggs, tomatoes, onions, beef and rice bowl pretty, pretty good…yep way too much pepper…