Foodies Unite!


I love ground black pepper in my eggs.:grin:


Fish curry


Cracked black pepper in eggs is the worst! A bit of fine ground pepper is good though :slight_smile:

Apparently there’s no “wrong” way to prepare eggs, amiright @DresdenLaPage


… Ohh you just couldn’t resist, could you? Lol


Anyhoo… White pepper is where it’s at with eggs. Get on board


I guess you like crunchy scrambled eggs :thinking: I’ve already been in one fight this week about scrambled eggs, I’m up for round two :joy:


No. I like just-set smooth and silky scrambled eggs.

Bring it


Dont bother mate, you’ll lose.



We do.
That silky scrambled eggs are best with white pepper.



Walked right into that one lol


Am i the only one who prefers salt on my eggs? Straight on the Hard boiled egg.


:100:I love it


Honestly though, I have a very particular grinder i use for white peppercorns. It is made by Peugeot who, believe it or not, have been manufacturing fine quality grinders since before they were ever a car manufacturer. It produces the most wonderful fine grind that does not make the eggs ‘crunchy’ at all.
Had it over 30 years now and is still the best thing ever.


This belongs in the mind blowing random thoughts, honestly! :exploding_head:


:fr: Mmmm hmmm hmmmm hmmm … a Peugeot grinder :slight_smile::fr:
Mine is the kind you get on top of the peppercorns from the grocery store (built-in) :smile_cat:

However, I get it. I have a razor that I have been using for many many years.
It is like an old friend. Would not think of shaving with anything else.


I recently got myself a Merkur razor and love it.
No more disposables for me.
Love that they will last a lifetime and that blades are comparatively cheap for them. Great value all round


Fish tacos…CAYENNE pepper… :thinking:


@AyBee. Exactly, I have a Merkur and purchased a big package of Parker blades that last forever. No more spending 100+ dollars a month on Gillette products. I also found the best shave cream at Taconic (NY organic). Their stuff is the best.


I was going to make eggs but I’ve gotten so confused about pepper. I’ll just have cereal :smirk: