Foodies Unite!


I actually managed to mess up 30 of them bloody egg nonsense things today whilst making scotch eggs. Honestly, I will never ever opine over the best way to prep eggs again . Thanks @lionfish - I am ready admit defeat :slight_smile:

Although, why has no-one mentioned poached eggs yet? Theyre the best.


Yes they are. Poached eggs would be my favourite.
I rarely do them now that i no longer have chickens. Super-fresh eggs are a must for a good poached egg.


When you fried their eggs, did you ever find them to be really spongey?


But i always fried at gentle temperatures, and used a cover for part of it to ensure the top was set but the yolk remained runny. Was almost a poached egg in the shape of a fried egg


Yummie! I fry them the same way :heart_eyes:


Todays specials board :slight_smile: I got my egg-mojo back.

Poached egg/Asparagus with Hollandaise

Herb crusted salmon nicoise salad

Herb crusted Salad salmon roulade with beetroot and radish and a dijonaise paste base.

Dessert was a Lemon Meringue pie but I didnt get a photo of that


Light colorful breakfast. Soy milk, brown rice flakes, frozen berries from Costco, almond butter and toast from Trader Joes.


Soft boiled with salt, mayonaise and dill :yum:


Asian inspired honey/soy/sesame chicken wings


Wow!!! Those look amazing.


They taste pretty damn good.
Which is lucky seeing as i made so freakin many!


Really enjoying this tea :slight_smile:


Got the same, but I am really a cappucino-girl!


Its a winner! :blush: Nice break from coffee sometimes.


Raspberry black bean dip! Party in my mouth!


Baked carrots and asparagus with steamed chicken :heart_eyes::yum:


Quinoa, eggs, sardines with chipotle peppers, sundried tomatoes, scallions, shredded extra sharp cheddar and sober legs… yum… the breakfast not the legs


Last Sunday’s barby…


Oh my I could eat all of this :grinning: looks great @DresdenLaPage, I don’t think I live too far from you either, do you do delivery? :eyes:


Made me lemon curd … miam!