Foodies Unite!


What? There’s a jelly belly store?


I think they have it at this evil place I avoid. Its called the mall. I have also seen these jelly belly dispenser machines at Farm Fresh. Normally I can avoid the need for sweets. I’m more of a salty slacker. But they set my kiosk in front of the display and I have been looking at them for 8 hours a day for a few weeks now.


I loathe malls. It’s an instant panic attack when I go in one!


Ew, the noise, the smells, the weird air currents, the bad, overpriced food. The whole place reeks of unsatisfied wanting. Anything I want from in there I can look at at Hot Topic’s website and talk myself out of before I actually buy it. Except my son’s rainbow bacon shirt from there. I think that was the last thing I bought at a mall and was happy about. 2014 was a long time ago.


not made for dinner tonight but today at the restaurant for our family meal. Fried chicken, french toast, and a big salad of beets, kale, arugula, and other veggies in a citrus vinaigrette. Southern food always makes me feel better on rough days. And the staff really enjoyed it :slight_smile:


That looks good!


Chicken and waffles I have heard of… All French toast meals sound good though since I don’t get to eat it much. My daughter doesn’t like it because I seem to have ruined her dna.


Must of been the popcorn sprinkles :wink:


No, for some reason she will eat pancakes and waffles but with no butter or syrup. Something about French toast is too delicious for her. I am only half the freak for not liking butter. She ate the kettle corn sprinkles, but she was not a big fan and round 2 of pancakes she wanted just the cakes with no additional creativity.

Y’all, this channel I like has limited edition shirts for only 10 more days and I have no idea what size I will be later. But I really want a shirt that says my favorite men is ramen…


Omg I live near the Jelly Belly factory and you can go there and try every bean they have for free! There’s a tasting bar!!!:grin:


Now that is a bar I belong in. Free mouthfulls of popcorn, blueberry, and licorice jelly bellys…


Lol That is great!


Dude they even have the Bertie Bots every flavored beans from Harry Potter. Hmmmm barf flavored🤢


Lol, pass. It is making me flash back to someone else yacking into my mouth and that is not foodie friendly.


So wrong

I come into the thread and the first post I read is from @C-sun …I feel like I just walked into an awkward conversation without any heads up :joy:


Smoothies are my favorite :yum:


I could make it worse by elaborating how someone else’s vomit gained entry into my mouth and what it was made of… But that wouldn’t be foodie friendly either. :scream:


I don’t know of any rules that that wouldn’t be considered a party FOUL. That would be game over for me.


If u like jalapeno poppers, this dip will become one of your favorites…I don’t add topping. I often microwave it. I use Frito scoops as dippers.


Just a bowl full of liver loving vegetables with black pepper, cayenne pepper, EVOO, braggs apple cider and braggs amino acids. Did you know celery and radishes are one of the best things in repairing the liver? I added extra sharp cheddar just because I love it!