Foodies Unite!


I did not know that about celery! People think it is so weird but my daughter and I like celery dipped in salsa… It already felt sinless but now even more so.


Eh. Jelly beans. I like the “It’s Sugar” store. All of the retro penny candy from my youth, including fireballs, Swedish fish, Smarties, and my all-time fav…ZOTS! Every flavor of Zots made. Watermelon, tangerine, cotton candy, grape, an on and on.


I freaking love zots, but can never find them! Green apple is my favorite.


Find a “It’s Sugar” store. I know there’s one on Baltimore’s inner harbor for sure.


Smoothie to start the day! Banana, strawberries, blueberries, Greek yogurt, honey, ground flaxseed. Yum!


Forgot to take a picture but I had chicken sauteed with onions, kale and lots of garlic! I simmered it in vegetable broth and and tomato juice, added Cayenne pepper and poblanos. It was banging, trust me :slight_smile:


Burritos!! :burrito::raised_hands: They are healthier than they look :blush:


Yum… n I see that hot sauce too. Nom, nom, nom


Love me some habanero sauce!:fire::fire:


I love Cholula and Tiger Sauce


Making a Mediterranean chicken dish in the crock pot. Gonna be hard to wait six hours, but I’m sure it will be worth it! Not my recipe, but added a couple different things like artichoke hearts and capers on top.


Homemade spaghetti with orangetti squash as my noodles. Paper plate because I’ve shoveled snow twice and between my kiddo and his friends, I’m not doing more dishes :laughing:


Fork for the ones that don’t choose to stay stuck together due to my sloppy, hungry cutting of the roll.


So I’m trusting it tastes delicious. Pls tweet the pic to @gordonramsay tho.
I like spaghetti squash with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, n garlic


I like spaghetti squash. I used to get so worked up about how to cook it until Hungry Girl pointed out you could spear it and throw it in the back of the oven. Whole thing was much less daunting then.


That’s how I cook them. Easy peasy


Yeah, the mild sweetness of the squash with a savory sauce is mmm…mmmm good! Plus, I love the texture as well, even better than Al dente :slight_smile:


That’s a nice thing about them. It’s so simple and tasty!


I have never tried to make sushi before. I might need to consult you in the process. And I suck at cooking rice unless it’s in a bag :wink:


So do I. Suck at cooking rice, that is. This is only my second time. Having fun, so I did what anyone abnormal person would do. I got a library book to up my game.

The rice is not hard. If you find a recipe needing mirin, just ignore it. It wasn’t important to flavor the rice. Otherwise, the rice in the Asian section of walmart worked just fine. The seaweed came from there too. Even the first time we didn’t fuck it up. Look how proud she is the first time we did it.

This time we put more toasted sesame seeds and added radishes. I got sweet chili sauce. She doesn’t want the sauce. Eats ketchup on Mac and cheese but sweet chili sauce is a no go. Smh. My baby loves this though. I was trying to think of vegetarian protein to roll up in there but boiled eggs or chickpeas just don’t seem Asian enough.

And I am trying to decide how gross it would be to do this like a burrito bowl, seems less messy. Not that it is terribly messy but I don’t like washing dishes either.