Foodies Unite!


Omg that looks so yummie! Please marry me :grinning:


Sure! I mean my husband probably won’t care, right? :wink:


My favourite thing to do with tempeh is to make “bacon”. I thinly slice it along the block and marinate it in a mixture of soy sauce, oil, liquid smoke and maple syrup. The ratios depend on my mood.

I’ve also been told that if you pre-steam the tempeh you get rid of some of the “sour” taste of it…but I don’t mind it as long as it has been well marinated.

Mmmm. Tempeh. I might have to cook some for lunch today.


That’s a great idea!



Lunch: Avocado toast with yuzu hot sauce, topped with hard-boiled egg and minced chive, basil, and parsley.


I had Avocado toast today as well with cilantro and cucumbers. I forgot to take a picture and it didn’t last long :slight_smile:


You have finally talked about something that sounds gross… I would not clean the bathroom for anything that had cilantro.


Yeah I housed that like it was my job! I really like having avocado around for a quick lunch or snack. I just hate how damn expensive they are!


Yes the price is crazy! I don’t always have them. I usually wait until they are on sale. We have a Latino market down the road called gigante and sometimes you can get 5 for 2 bucks. That’s when I snag them!


I’ll be making something you may like later for dinner, but I’m replacing the cilantro with scallions.


I live in Buffalo which is slim on Hispanic anything. But if you need a pierogi taco, we can do that here. I miss living in Reading, PA where there is a bodega on every corner.


Alright. Maybe I can feel like cleaning the bathroom for that. I notice you don’t do the cheese to your food a lot so, you have that going for you. Because cheese is nasty.


Oh I know how much you just love cheese :wink: I eat more cheese than I care to admit!


Wow, just wow. I wonder how many I could fit in a suitcase :slight_smile:


Have you seen this gross avocado stuff in the freezer section? I think it was like the avadaco version of fried pickles and I was so grossed out. Just doesn’t seem like anything that would freeze well.


It does not freeze well, although I have had fried avocado at restaurants before but it was with fresh ones.


Why do people have to mess with perfection my frying it…


It’s actually really good, but I prefer it on its own. Now fried oreo’s I will take over anything else fried any day!


I saw a Pinterest thing not long ago that packed tollhouse cookie dough around an oreo and called it a stuffed chocolate chip cookie after it was baked.


Oh wow!! You guys, I just ate lunch and now I’m hungry again! I’ve been trying to be creative with what I can eat right now, but let’s face it. I eat such few things at the moment that it’s pretty boring lol. Here’s a sample of what my typical dinners/lunches look like while doing some massive gut healing. Alcohol and coffee have not been my friends!