Foodies Unite!


Good job using your blender so soon after buying it! Often when I get a new toy it takes months for me to be brave enough to try it. Like the bread machine.


I miss having a bread machine!!! The smell of freshly baked bread is heavenly. That being said, when I’ve made bread from scratch it looks more like a communion wafer than a loaf of bread! Baking isn’t natural for me. Clearly.


Same. I still don’t understand all the settings on it. Especially where you use it to make a dough that doesnt cook in the machine. And it is kind of a waste of space at this point because I don’t eat much bread anyway and now that I am back in mini-diet mode I rarely buy bread unless it is the 35 calories a slice kind.

Now if I can learn to make that in the bread machine…


Back in the ninetees everyone suddenly got a breadmachine…then as fast as they appeared they became paper weights…:wink:


Fresh bananas, strawberries, coconut water, and Thai basil smoothies.


Stuffed shells and a cheddar biscout.


Fresh raspberry, banana, and ginger smoothies with coconut water. I know I should watch the sugar with my candidiasis, but I can’t eat ice cream or anything like that so this is my humble attempt to “treat yo’ self” (Parks and Rec reference).


Lamb chili cheese dogs and beet and caraway sauerkraut topped dogs. BTW, my husband ate them. I had a lowly hot dog with yellow mustard. Because I’m a basic bitch. :grin:


So I have a question. How do you make yourself eat? Like looking at or thinking about food is making me nauseous. Any advice on how to make sure I get enough food in me?


How long have you been sober? I do a lot of small meals (like an ounce of cheese and some carrots) or a banana throughout the day. Also mint tea helps settle my stomach.


Only 9 days. Before that a month. But mine is self harm and restricting, so… I also try to do small meals, but I feel nauseous a lot, and part of my past was not eating, so I need to figure out how to eat a good amount of food even when food makes me nauseous. Ahhhh. Long. Sorry.
Hmm. Mint tea might help, thanks. Ill try that in the morning.


Ah, not a long story at all. I’m glad you shared. I also used to suffer from self harm and an eating disorder. Well done on 9 days! That’s huge. Ginger candy can also help with nausea. I’m often nauseated so I have a million tricks.


Thanks😊 and thank you for sharing as well. What’s ginger candy and where do I get it, lol?


I’ve not tried that, but now I have a new thing to cook. Thanks, they sound like yummy ideas!


You can find ginger candy in Asian markets, Wegmans, and definitely online. They’re small, spicy, chewy candies. I like them. Also smelling isopropyl alcohol can curb nausea. I keep swabs in my purse for nausea outside of home. Lol.


Huh. Cool. I’mma try to find that candy. Isopropyl alcohol is to strong for me lol.


You don’t drink it! It’s poison. I put some on a paper towel and use it on my wrists to help with the nausea.


Not the same thing, but candied ginger might do the same thing.


That works too. Crystalized ginger. Whatever. Ginger tea.


Me neither! Especially gluten free…lol