Foodies Unite!


I know, I’m Just trying to justify My failure as a human being with mild excuses :clown_face: truth is that My shopping habits would need to change for Me to Be able enjoy such Nice things in Life, or i’d need to get Me a Nice Lady to Shop and eat with. Buying for myself I tend to keep it simple So I don’t have to throw So much food in the garbage. And that is also an excuse


Lunch. Some chicken and veggies, what I love though is a cheese filled mushroom wrapped in Bacon…yummie


I’m thinking fish cakes will be good for dinner or a late lunch. Never made them before so should be fun. I’ll post later should they be successful :slight_smile:


Let me demystify this for you. That smoothie I made yesterday had shelf stable soymilk, shelf stable stevia, and frozen berry mix with blueberrys, strawberries, and raspberries. Sometimes I do peaches or whatever but I always use frozen fruit unless I have some left over fresh fruit on its way to going bad, which is rare. The point is that none of those ingredients go bad for months because my situation is much like yours as far as being single and I HATE to shop.

Lets be real. The biggest pain in the ass regarding the blender is washing it. This lazy person will admit to putting it in the refrigerator sometimes until I feel like washing it.


I do the same thing. I have a magic bullet blender so it’s a lot easier to clean. Most times I just spray it down and leave it full of water, then just give it a quick rinse for the next use.


Come on…now you’re just trying to make me feel like a waste of oxygen :wink:


No way. Im just trying to bring you to the light. Blenders are better than roasting your house out with an oven and are there for you when making sandwiches gets old.


I bought my ex-girlfriend a pink blender once…it wasn’t even expensive…I should just go out and get one…why is it sunday and all the stores are closed…where is my smoothie now? There is no god.


When I first left my longest relationship and got my own place I got this. I liked the idea of men spending the night and having to get their coffee from a pink pot on their way out the door.


It looks like it’s hovering…lol. That would freak me out before the pink color would.


Yummy lunch with a friend


Grottos!!! fartbubble


Yeah, I had no incluttered surface space to set it down on because I have been going through stuff now that I can move with ease. God, and the gifting. I begged people not to buy me stuff and it is like They Just Can’t Do It.


Looks delish…glad I just ate cause I live above a pizza place, so I’m tempted…


Just a random food question. :joy:
How do you eat your rice? Lol


I mean…how ever you like to prepare it for me is fine :wink:


Brown, steamed with butter and chicken.


Boiled or steamed. Fuck unnecessary oils.


With a fork…sometimes with chop sticks :slight_smile:


Cherry Pie follow up! Pitting the cherries.

Lots of pitted cherries!

Filling the pie!

Before and After!