Foodies Unite!


So one of My favourites lately is this mix of half full grain Rice and barley


Pork loin there?


Meal prep for the week. Pulled pork and brisket mix, with cauliflower rice, mashed sweet potato, and broccoli/brussel sprouts. One day is going to have Texas hot links in place of the pork and brisket. Not pictured are the daily carrots and apples.


Beautuful, do you freeze this or refrigerate it?


yep…bought this 1,2kg bit for cheap…for a single guy that means I’m eating that for a few days I suppose :wink:


I just refrigerate them. I’ve found that when I freeze them, I forget to thaw them overnight for the next day. The broccoli and brussel sprouts start frozen though…so, there’s that. Hahaha.


That looks good…I whould start prepping my meals like that aswell…right now I think I’m eating too little veggies…


Thanks! I’ve learned to love prepping, plus, it helps me make sure I’m getting the right amounts of proteins/carbs/fats each day. I’m still perfecting everything, in terms of amounts, to coincide with fitness goals. I can say that I’m not hungry afterwards though. Hahaha.


I just started using a blender to get my berries and fruits to my daily diet…now I’m starting my days with that…


My Ninja blender is a staple in my morning routine. I throw everything in it and drink it as I’m making breakfast. Easily one of the best investments I’ve made.


Got wild with dinner. Broke out the iron skillet, baked up some shrimp, chicken, green pepper, kale, and mango pico de gallo, threw a little cilantro on it, and put it on some zoodles.


Repurposed leftovers. Chili burrito with fresh cilantro and lettuce from the garden.


All greens in the salad are complimentary of my patio garden. Its only a 5 x 5 space and we already have more food than we know what to do with. I’m hoping some neighbors will want some. I’d feel weird going up to a homeless man and offering a salad rather than a hot meal, you know?


The harvest has begun! Rachel, Collin and I are loving the steamed, fried and baked Zucchini!


Holy cow! I just planted mine here lol


I live in a high desert. Very arid. Planting usually begins mid April, early May.


It’s so amazing how different the seasons are in the different areas. That’s really neat! We just got off frost dangers here


Here we just had a townhall meeting with the usual message that The winter is coming :wink:


What are your typical seasons like there date wise?


We are lucky to actually have four seasons…summer right now is usually june-august, fall is something like september - november, winter december - march and spring april april - may…ish…because we’re so high up north though the summer means literally no sundown for a month or so to people living up north…I think in helsinki sun goes down for like an hour or two…but there’s not really a night like darkness…and the flipside to this is of cource that in wintertime the sun doesn’t come out for the people in north…and only a few hours for me…usually they say it’s 8 months of darkness and 4 of the light…what a weird world? :wink: