Foodies Unite!


So obviously I’m a huge food fan which is why I started this thread. In all my years, even after owning 3 restaurants in my life, I have never tried to make fish cakes…so here they are. I have about a dozen to make so I think I’ll freeze some. I was also very happy that I had capers in a jar hiding in my fridge…what a great flavorful addition.


A hovering coffee pot would get my ass out the door extremly quick…what witch lives here!


What kind of fish?


I used salmon, mixed it with avocado mayo, egg, onions, capers and a dash of red pepper flakes. Think I’m going to make a chutney to go along with it.


I but a touch of Dijon in mine. Now I am hungry!


Now that’s a good idea for my next run at making these! I had a chef once who made Moroccan salmon cakes as an entree at one of my places. Those things were so good!!


I have used horse radish and wasabi as well…


Damn!! I should have consulted you first!


Just watch how much of those to you use…it can overtake the flavor of the fish…


I can imagine they do! They are both powerful ingredients!


I caught a couple huge mackerel when i lived in florida…they were wonderful made like that. Fresh tuna works great too


Funny that you say that. My baby’s dad told me once that I have evil vagina magic that makes it hard to kiss me goodbye at the door without coming back in. I don’t feel like a witch but it is what it is. :hugs:


Obviously you vagina magic can make coffee pots float as well…thats talented



Who knows what other kinds of cool tricks I know…


It looks so good. It is just a shame it is cherry. I like all dessert pie except the most commonly enjoyed. Not a big fan of apple or cherry pie.


That’s because Blueberry is the best!!


Yes!!! One day I want to make a mixed blueberry and peach pie. I think that sounds fabulous.


Blueberry and peach is amazing together.
So if you make it send me some :slight_smile:


Peanut butter, honey and strawberry raspberry jam pancakes.