Foodies Unite!


My mom makes a blueberry and peach cobbler. Its my favorite!


Black raspberries from my garden and peaches…the best pie ever


Really anything with raspberry or blueberry makes me happy


Dude, I know this lady from aa in DC that has a couple trees and presses her own fresh cherry juice. (minds out of the gutter please ppl :neutral_face:) lol, shes brought pitchers of it to meetings b4 and that shiz is on point, I bet that pie is awesome! Thinking about that stuff combined with all the smoothie talk is giving me an idea :thinking::grin::exploding_head:


It was pretty spectacular.

@C-sun if we had a peach tree, maybe we would have made that. But, we don’t. We have a cherry tree. So, because we have a cherry tree, we made cherry pie. Plus we have a ton more cherries that we can use for smoothies!


That is awesome! I had blueberry bushes for a while but I lost them in the schism with my family. Seemed petty to come back for my plants.


Lmao, digging the (subtle?) Sarcasm there :rofl::rofl: passes @C-sun the aloe “for those burns madame…” haha
Good deal, I would suggest potentially mixing it with some fresh lemonade or limeade too but I’m guessing u dont have a lemon or lime tree and I already got sunburned doin yard work today lol


:rofl::rofl::rofl: hahaha! As I was reading your comment, I had a plan formulating to say that I didnt have those trees, but you beat me to it!


Winter here atm so roast chicken,gravy,cheesy cauliflower bake and mixed vegies for dinner.


What do you put in it?


Yum! Love pizza


Me too! I even eat it cold.


So I hope that you’re proud of yourself @C-sun. Look what you Made Me do…now the recipes better start pouring in…:yum:


Welcome in the smoothie club :blush:


Too hot to cook :blush:


I’m in a meeting for two hours.,.some smoothie recipes with peaches would Be appreciated


Peaches (preferably frozen), any fruit you have to get rid of that sounds good with peaches, powdered peanuts like PB2, stevia (I like the liquid kind) to taste. Mint or other herbs if you have and like them. If your fruit is not frozen then put some ice in there. Then add milk or yogurt of your choice. I like almond milk but I have 5.5 gallons of soy milk from being on WIC so I use that and it isn’t bad.

Pinterest is good for recipes of all sorts. They have good sobriety stuff on there too. I love Pinterest.


Pinterest was started by my childhood bffs brother. :rofl:


Thanks. I now have peaches, bananas, kiwis, frozen blueberries, frozen strawberries, jogurt, mixed berries soup, milk and the Mint…now it’s Time for guess the flavour of this drink


No way! That is so cool!