Foodies Unite!


So fascinating! It’s neat our seasons are about the same date range but so different!! Thats really cool


this is how far up north we are


Bran flakes, flx seed, strawberries, blueberries and almond milk.


Plate of veges and cheese topped with tuna/avocado salad with lots of cayenne. Today is the first day in a week that my stomach hasn’t been ill…back to it!


I’ll have that too please!


When I’m well I eat it at least 3-4 times a week. I switch out veges to balance it out.


I never liked mayo much so I make my tuna salad with herbs, lemon zest, and avocado. I enjoy it much more now. Right now I think I’m in a veggie rut. I’ve been housing carrots and celery like they’re going out of style. My husband (obligate carnivore) is very confused by me right now.


I only add a small amount of the avocado mayo. It’s mainly just tuna and a large avacodo.


Sometimes I add sriracha or chipotle. Kinda like a spicy tuna roll.


Lol coolio.




Simple and quick. Turkey cheeseburger with a mix of dijon, A1 and Franks hot sauce. Sauteed spinach and arugula with chunks of garlic!




Sometimes all you need is ice cream :heart:


My lunch today, I’ll probably keep a lot of these posts on my paleo thread but I’ll occasionally post on here. I tend to go the easy route like this often lol. I’m certainly not a gourmet chef like @Bill_Phillips!


Listen. I know it is junk food, but they are soooo good! Macklemore voice And it is ONLY 98 CENTS!!!


Pasta primavera with arugula-mint-fennel fronds and whatever the fuck else needed to be pruned pesto.

Edit: pesto implies nuts and cheese. This had neither. Don’t tell my husband we had a vegan dinner.


Come on…now your hubby is totally living in a lie :wink: btw that looks delish.



That looks so good!